25 Jun 2015

Crawling Diaries - Cleaning Things

Well the cub is a fully fledged crawler and has now done a bit of walking. A few steps here and there but he hasn't got the confidence to just go for it.

So if he wants something he will drop to his knees and like a missile he goes for it, scampering over anything in his path.

I always worry (about everything) but mostly that he'll get ill, especially from crawling on unsavoury floors, so when I got asked if we wanted to try Zoflora, I jumped at the chance.

I told my mum and she said "oh yes, it's been around for years"

And it has, the website says 90 years of experience which is crazy. I must admit until having children, a bleach product wouldn't have floated my boat! But now it does.

So I first got to work on the floors and it smells so fresh and clean (& I really know it's clean) and exactly like spring time. The bottle did freak me out at first with the 'highly flammable' etc but when I realised I could use it for everything I soon forgot my nervousness.

So I've cleaned the fridge out with it, intend to put some in my washing machine softener tray and I am attacking the bin with it. I also had to have an impromptu toy cleaning session when my boy decided to throw his tractor into the toilet...I'm nervous now he has learnt he can do it.

It smells great and not all bleachy and industrial. Very floral and fresh and lives up to its springtime label. I will be getting some more as soon as I've used this up.

We were sent a sample to try and all thoughts are my own.
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