14 Jun 2015

Drinking your Greens

My children totally shun anything healthy most of the time. I can get the boy eating peas and carrots but he seems to have gone off fruit, bubba will eat peas under duress and most fruit (but no other veg).

I find it a real problem sometimes and probably worry a little too much about it. So I decided to try a different tact....drink their greens.

I started with frozen banana, strawberry, blueberries and baby spinach. Popped it in the smoothie maker with some fat free yoghurt and a touch of vanilla essence.

I gave it to Bubba as a drink and the cub got a bowl of it. Both of them acted like it was a big treat and I felt very smug that I had filled them both with fruit and veg without them realising it. Perfect!

I made a little video in my series of Mummy Tips. So pleased do head over and watch my awkwardness on screen!!!

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