22 Jun 2015

Mummy Tips - Those little gems we all have

As a mother you find that you constantly use short cuts every day to deal with the situations in life, often without realising you are doing it. My mum is great for giving me loads of cheats that I never even thought of and I've been perfecting a few of my own. Nothing grand but little short cuts....

My first was this idea to streamline my make up bag and only take essentials on holiday, first thing to go was my big bottle of foundation. I used my small sample tube that I received when deciding what foundation to go for (all make up counters provide these samples or you can buy your own). I decanted a supply into it and it did me for the whole holiday, we all know that you don't wear as much make up when the sun shines so it was just right. If you don't fancy decanting yourself, you could always go straight to your preferred brand in a big store and get a sample in your colour.

If you want to see more holiday related information then head over to my Top 10 tips for travelling with children. Whilst there, you could do a bit of voting if you fancy it...https://www.clickstay.com/mummy-bloggers

What are your best mummy tips? I started recording some more simple ones over on my YouTube channel 

I'd love to hear any tips you may have so please do share them.
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