8 Jun 2015

My boy - One year in

A year ago our already busy lives got a bit more hectic with the arrival of cub.

I'd say this year of motherhood has been far tougher than I'd realised it could be. Trying to juggle two little people's wants and needs has left me in tears some days, with a heavy mummy guilt complex and rather exhausted.

It's also been hugely rewarding and so much fun. My boy is developing a great character, he has tantrums (luckily short lived) to rival anything his sister threw at us. Already good at standing up for himself, if he doesn't want bubba doing something he is quick to take a swipe at her.

Eating seems to be his passion and he is always up for more food. I can see he is slightly picky now - in the last week he has gone off blueberries (which he consumed by the punnet before) and is suspicious of new foods now but he will still eat loads.

He can say 'ta' for thank you, shouts out his sisters name if he can't see her and if you ask him a question he will answer yes (although it sounds more like a chuckle). He calls me 'mumma' but he'll also call hubby that too if he wants his attention. I think he has started saying 'that' but it sounds like 'dat' at the moment

Cub still crawls everywhere and holds on with both hands but resists just the one hand holding venture. He has started to walk and yesterday had his first unaided four steps to me, so pleased I got to see it as I missed everything the first time round with Bubba.

He can climb the stairs in the blink of an eye. He also has a no fear policy and likes to go head first into most situations. It's a scary combination and he ends up with bruises on his head all the time. He will test things out with his head, banging it on things which I found strange at first.

He's a bit more of a sick note than his sister, I've visited the doctors three times already with him in one year whereas bubba has only been once. It's mainly been conjunctivitis brought on by teething or bad colds but it's a pain having to go back and forth. We are also mostly there with the teeth, only eight more to go. Thank goodness

My little man had his first haircut too, hubby used the clippers on the back and he looks so grown up now. Time is rushing past now and I'm trying to soak up all that I can.
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