29 Jun 2015

The Sea

I sit.

I listen.

And breathe...

The waves roll in and out, a shimmer of bubbles and pebbles drift slowly back out to sea.

And breathe...

Here and now this is my life, my family and my future. A contentment washes over me.

I watch...as the gulls squark and dive above us, hoping for a scrap of our sandwiches.

My children squeal with delight as they get caught in the incoming foamy surf. The boy has never experienced this and he is stunned and in awe of the magnificent expanse of sea. The girl has to be reminded that she needs to take care, be safe and enjoy as she jumps the wave.

The sea keeps a calm constant reassuring roll of wave after wave. It lulls your brain and reminds you simultaneously that you are tiny in comparison and it is infinite.


I vow to be a better mother, just like the tides and times, be more constant in my approach. Roll with the small waves and calmly jump the big ones. Try to embrace the breaks of water with a zealous squeal as does my girl. Watch everything with wonderment as my boy happily does.

The endless movement, never still and sometimes slow to meet the sand, other times with more force it drags the sand back. It has a rhythm and a purpose, subconsciously telling you to "breathe, listen, watch...breathe, listen, watch...breathe, listen, watch"

A mantra for life

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