20 Jul 2015

Creating a Fairy Garden

If you are ever over on Pinterest (I'm here by the way) you will probably have seen lots of very elaborate small fairy gardens. Well we didn't make one of those but we did come up with a toddler and preschooler version in our garden.

 I admit I got over excited in the garden centre and possibly brought too much much to my husbands chagrin!

Bubba got very involved and was scooping large handfuls of earth into the pot and all over the grass, luckily cub was already in bed and it was a lovely sunny evening so we planted up the tubs before bedtime.

I still want to add some other plants, especially some gypsophilia which I love and is very fairy like.

There was a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards!

For cub we put together a dinosaur pot with lots of succulents and rocks which can be picked up and touched. Bubba got very involved in this one and swept the garden looking for fossils to put in herself. Even now she adds more stones every time she goes in the garden so it's looking slightly fuller.

We plan to make some more and dot them around the garden because it has got my girl more interested in plants and planting things (and watering, don't get us started on watering as she is keen on watering the plants and herself liberally!).
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