6 Jul 2015

Easy Meals - Deconstructed Fajitas (Slimming World Friendly)

We used to love having Fajita's (and still do) but since being a Slimming World convert I don't like the extra calories involved with using wraps. We've tried with Thins but it just isn't the same so I decided to do away with the bread aspect all together and just have de constructed fajits instead.

I made my own Fajita spice mix using: Smoked Paprika, Cumin, Garlic Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Crushed chillies, pepper (& a touch of Paprika)

I then added my vegetables to a pan with a bit of fry light: including pepper, sweetcorn, onion, mushroom, garlic and added some black eyed beans and the spice mix and let them all slowly cook, turning every now and again. In went some already roasted chicken from our Sunday roast, I follow the Nigella recipe that is so good and I'll put the recipe up here soon.

I chopped up some tomato and spring onion for a salsa, added a touch of salt and mixed and left in the fridge to let the juices combine.

 I then grated some cauliflower and microwaved it for a couple of minutes, this was in place of rice. We usually do rice and some peas but seems that I usually do too much and we end up feeling bloated.

Once the veg was cooked (I like it slightly crunchy)  it was time to layer up. Rice on first and then the mixture with salsa and cheese. It's a family favourite now.

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