13 Jul 2015

Easy Meals - Quick Chocolate Mousse (Slimming World Friendly)

I brought some quark recently as I wanted to make a nice creamy pasta bake but didn't in the end so googled (don't you just love a bit of 'what can I do with this?' type googling) different recipes and found a chocolate mousse one - best bit was that it's 1/2 syn a portion and to anyone doing Slimming World, this is a massive bonus.

You need a tub of fat free fromage Frais, an options sachet, a table spoon of sweetener and half a tub of quark.

Anyway I put together a little video of what I did...so simple. Just put all your ingredients in a bowl and mix...then chill...then scoff. It'll be up here soon or check out my YouTube channel The Bubbababble.

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