29 Jul 2015

Easy Meals - Roast Chicken & Orzo

I really love a roast on a Sunday and my favourite thing in the world is roast potatoes. But sometimes, especially in summer you just need something a little different and lighter.

This recipe for Roast Chicken, Veg and served with Orzo could not be simpler. Every time I make it, hubby complements  it and the orzo gives it a lovely comforting feel. It's the pasta equivalent of risotto rice without all the fuss.

So it's an adaptation of a Nigella recipe but I've left out the olives (& sometimes the lemon). You can never go wrong with a Nigella and the good thing is that it's Slimming World friendly too.

To start you will need:
A chicken to roast
Half a lemon
Red & orange peppers
Rosemary sprigs

Pop your lemon inside the chicken with a couple of Rosemary sprigs poking out. Let the birds legs be free (remove the string).

Roughly chop your veg and put them in the bottom of a roasting tin (that's been spritzed with fry light).

Pop your chicken on top of the veg and add a few more rosemary sprigs around.

Roast at the recommended heat and time on your chickens packet.

Near the end of cooking put a pan of stock on to boil (I used 300ml of water and chicken stock cube). Add the orzo (we have about 75g per person).

Cook the orzo for around 8 minutes or until it's soaked up the stock and is irresistibly sticky.

Plate up your orzo, add the vegetables on top and drizzle some of the pan juices to it.

Carve chicken and add to the plate.


And awesome roast that's not a roast...

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