9 Aug 2016

Holiday Pebble Painting and Colouring

***this craft is another we are doing this year***

We had a good old fashioned family holiday in Britain this year and the weather was glorious. One day we ended up in Cromer which has a very stony beach and I usually collect pretty shells from beaches we go to...so instead I collected a bag of pebbles.

Once we got back to our holiday home, I kept Bubba quiet with a spot of colouring on each stone whilst daddy put the cub to bed. It worked a treat and when we got home we made plans to also paint on a few too.

You can colour these and then cover with clear glue to bond it but we like the faded look and it also means we can go back and start again.

No word of a lie, it kept her quiet for ages....proper ages. It was lovely and simple, I even joined in and had a go. Next we are going to paint the pebbles that are left.


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  1. A lovely post! I put on a Preschool Art Museum and one of the "works of art" our littles create, is a collection of pebbles and shells and water glass; all the sweet tiny finds of a nature walk, which we mount on pieces of driftwood. Memories of life's gentle moments...time well spent. http://firefliesandtunacans.blogspot.com/2012/03/croswell-institute-of-arts.html


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