31 Jul 2015

Swim Fin Fun...our new swimming buddy

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to win a swim fin when Bubba designed her own fin.

Last weekend we got to test it out at the swimming pool. It's designed to help your little ones learn to swim and is a unique swimming aid. My girl just loved it because she thought she was a shark but for me, the minute she put it on I could see how it helps.

It drew her body up straighter in the water and enabled her to kick her legs at a more aligned angle in the water. So far she has only ever used arm bands which seem to get in the way and inhibit the ability to push your arms through the water.

The swim fin lets your arms and legs be free and so Bubba seemed to concentrate more on using them. She also got lots of admiring glances from other children which helped her confidence.

Ours HAD to be pink because my girl thinks it's the best colour EVER but there are seven other colours to choose from so it suits all ages and abilities.

It can also be used as a flotation device so as a parent you have total confidence in the water.

We made a little video to show what it's all about but sadly couldn't film in the actual pool. I would recommend this to any other parents and it's something we will take each and every time we visit the pool (which I think might just be more often with her new found love of swimming).

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