3 Jul 2015

Swim Nappies with Huggies

As we are now in the middle of a heatwave all thoughts turn to paddling pools in the garden (well they do if you are a mum of two small people). This is always better in theory than in practice as this week I spent 35 minutes getting the kids into swimwear, slathered in sun lotion and the paddling pool filled...we then spent 15 minutes in the pool before they decided it was too hot and we all came indoors.

But the point is that we did it and we had fun in the water and it was all helped by my boy in his Huggies Little Swimmers. These are great because they give me peace of mind that there won't be any leaks or things floating past us in the pool and my boy can easily move around in the water. This is due to the special leak guards which are built into the nappy and help to make sure nothing gets out that shouldn't which is always helpful when you are in the swimming pool. I can safely say it's not even something that crosses my mind when he's got them on which makes the whole experience more relaxing for any mother and it all becomes much more fun. A happy baby and a happy mummy. The unique absorbent material also means that the nappies don't hold onto the water (you know when you get a normal nappy wet it puff's up to about 18 times its normal size, well with these it doesn't so nothing gets in or out) so when you remove the nappy you haven't got a huge water logged sponge to deal with.

The nappies have other uses to as I came into the room yesterday after locating the suncream to find the kids had emptied the whole of the swim nappy packet and were playing Nemo - well Bubba was, cub was trying to put the nappies on his head! So they both love the Disney designs too which is a nice touch really.

My boy loves any opportunity to splash around now he realises what his hands are for and is starting to enjoy being in deeper water than the bath, recently on holiday we took him swimming for the very first time and he cried for the first 15 minutes and clung to me but by the end of our holiday and having taken him every day he started to love being in the water. Using the nappies are so quick and easy to put on and I think it makes my little boy feel like a big boy wearing pull up pants rather than being laid down to have a normal nappy on. We used Huggies pull ups for Bubba when potty training and we will use the same for cub when his time comes now I know he likes the idea of being in nappies that pull up.

It's lovely to be able to take him swimming because I used to take Bubba all the time, it's nice to see them enjoying water. We are arranging to go swimming in our local pool weekly now, just the cub and I whilst bubba is at school, then at the weekend we will all go as a family so my girl doesn't miss out.

I put together a little video to show the differences to a normal nappy...

There is so much information on the Huggies website with advice and how to introduce babies to swimming.

We were sent some Huggies Little Swimmers to review- all opinions are our own
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