26 Aug 2015

A New Venture - It's all about books

I haven't been as organised as I usually am over here and found myself trying to catch up on posts and scheduling which has resulted in me missing days. Mix in with this a good dose of bloggers block and can't find anything interesting enough to share without boring us all.

The reason my head is all a bit all over the place is because I've become an Usborne Books Independent Organiser, which in a nutshell means I now sell these gorgeous books at parties, events, online and other establishments.

It really has consumed me totally, I have always loved books and the written word, just holding a book takes me to a happy place. Libraries are my idea of heaven and I always wanted to be around books and this gives me that chance.

The thrill I get from finding books for people who say "my boy is 3 and loves sport" or "anything to do with Knights and Castles please" is brilliant and then once I've got a delivery of books that I can look at and skim through and pass onto happy customers is fantastic.

I can be found on Facebook here  or if you fancy browsing the catalogue of over 2000 books please find them here:

If you are interested in receiving books or joining my team or just chatting about books, please feel free to contact me.

I'm going to start a series of book reviews with Bubba and I so please keep your eyes out for that.
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