17 Aug 2015

Doing more washing - with Comfort Intense

One of the many things that people don't tell you about when you have kids is the amount of washing you start to do. It multiplies daily and the elusive bottom of the washing basket is...well...elusive!

My children love going out in the garden and digging things (anything) and always get their clothes dirty. I don't mind but it doesn't help my poor washing basket that's bursting at the seams already...

The other thing people don't tell you is that on a sunny day, your main source of satisfaction is that you were able to put the washing outside and it dries in no time. Trying telling your twenty something self that you'd have found that a pleasure...not likely!

So when we got the chance to try Comfort Intense, Sunburst, I wasn't aware how much washing it would make me do (I didn't think I could do any more). As the first load was drying I was scouring the house for things to wash, all our beds got an earlier than expected mid week wash, as did all the towels and the kids comforter toys - it did make the boy cry as his little blue and white teddy went round and round in the machine but I was on a mission so it had to be done!

Well.... here's my real confession...I've never used fabric conditioner. I know, I know, madness you say! A couple of times after the babies were born I used a sample that you get free but didn't follow it up with any more attempts. Well in my defence, I always hated those strong smelling ones where your clothes announce you are there before you even enter the room. I have fairly sensitive skin and use unsented washing tablets anyway and don't want to be associated with a strong whiff of detergent as I walk past.

Comfort is a subtle fragrance, it's still there but it's more of a summer breeze, it catches your nose every now and again, a bit like perfume or flowers. It also keeps it's wonderful fresh fragrance that lasts on your clothes, I washed my cardigan and the last few days I've worn it a lot what with this changeable weather and I still get that subtle fragrance each time I put it on.

Our towels are a bit bouncier now and the bed sheets, don't get me started on those. It was heaven going to bed. I've now literally washed everything in sight that I could possibly get my hands on. I still have lots of the liquid left because you don't need a great deal in each wash.

I'm definitely a convert and will be using this in every wash and can't wait to try some of the other fragrances although being ultra concentrated it may be a while until I can sample them but that's not a problem either.

With thanks for the lovely gardening kit and sample of Comfort Intense for us to try, my girl was over excited about growing sunflowers.
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