3 Aug 2015

My Boy - 15 Months Old

Some days I can't believe 15 months have passed since my little man arrived, it seems like no time at all and then other days I cannot recall what it was like before he joined our family.

My dad used to say that its not until you have a second child that you realise how unique each little person is and how early their personalities evolve. With Bubba I was just so intent on coping, surviving and negotiating each phase that I thought (or didn't as the case may be) who she was developing into is what all babies are like.

Now I realise that my 15 month old boy isn't a baby and he has very individual thoughts and feelings and he is always ready to express those ideas to me. For instance, he loves to eat and has a very healthy appetite and if he doesn't get food when he wants it then he will let it be known, he cannot wait for it. He also loves a bit of fluff, whether it's a cushion, dressing gown or blanket, once enveloped in it he will visibly relax and enjoy the luxuriousness of it all, it's funny to watch.

Teething has been his nemesis, it really gets him (and us), we are down to the last four and when he has a bad day we all know about it. He goes off his food, gets a rash and finds life hard and doesn't like being separated from me. I also have found it hard going, especially when he is having a bad day and I have to deal with a rumbustious four year old. I've recently had days (or weeks) where I go off for a cry in the kitchen because I'm finding motherhood tough, especially when both children are moaning at me to solve their issues. His sleep is disrupted as well and we are finding it tough getting up in the night so often and sometimes he just wants the comfort of mummy or daddy so it can be a long night of sitting in his room.

Although he has a healthy appetite, he is starting to get picky and suspicious of food I am feeding him. Peas are no longer on the menu and he shuns them completely whilst shaking his head and giving me a withering look.

Tantrums are a normal part of our lives now and Bubba's were few and far between until she got a lot older but my boy, he will cry and drop to the floor and roll around like an injured footballer at every opportunity. Anything and everything can set him off and if it wasn't so stressful I would laugh it off because he looks very sweet.

We now have a walker and it was only last week I realised he no longer crawls anywhere. He does love to be carried by me still and when I collect him from nursery he refuses to walk at all. I can't complain because I do love a cuddle with him and he's got to the stage where he is normally wriggly and trying to escape me. He is also talking more as well, current words are 'yesh' 'hiya' 'bye' and he just shakes his head for 'no' and points and moans if he wants something.

It's amazing how much he understands now and if you ask him to sit he will, he goes to the front door if you tell him we are going out and he'll also tidy up things as he goes past them - often putting things on shelves, in cupboards and out of sight.

There is more pushing and shoving with his sister now and although they do get on well together most of the time, they are already both good at winding each other up. Sometimes he will purposely take something she wants and triumphantly smiles to himself and has a cheeky laugh.

Cub has a wonderful way about  him and you can see he has a cheeky chappy attitude, I just can't wait to see the little boy he becomes.
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