5 Aug 2015

Sick Day Blues

As a mother you quickly realise you are on call 24/7 for the rest of your life. You become adept at knowing what your child wants or needs at any given time. If they are ill it's usually mummy who is the greatest comfort (well in our house it is) and the one to dish out the love and medicine.

But what happens when you get ill? It's hard not to carry on and be a superwoman, making sure you are there to sort out everyone else's stuff before your own.

I've been struck down myself this week, at first I thought I'd push through it and carry on. My body had other ideas and extreme tiredness and other symptoms left me a weeping and a pained person. So I took a day off work (I only do four hours), I took cub to nursery as usual (I dressed but no hair done and make up on so must of looked a sight). Bubba came with me as she my little shadow and was ever so cute and helpful, then my dad came and picked her up so I could get some sleep.

I'm forever grateful to my parents (& my boss, my dad) for helping me. Even feeling ill, the guilt got me, I should be at work, I should be looking after my own children, I should at least be doing things indoors. Even knowing my children are being well looked after, I felt guilty.

I can't just let it all go and rest, I can't stop feeling guilty and after time spent wishing for quiet time, alone in the house...it almost feels too quiet and I yearn for my babies.

Does everyone feel this way when they get ill? Or do you embrace it fully...
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