24 Aug 2015

The Work Struggle - Juggling childcare

People often tell me it's nice that I've got the best of both worlds, I get to go to work, have a bit of 'me time' and I also get to spend lots of quality time with my children as I'm only working part time.

The reality is exhausting and fairly fraught most days, I'm playing catch up and not always giving the children the best of me and mix in with that the summer holidays and the jumble continues. Childcare is a struggle and I don't want to burden family too much with my babies but I need to work and they need to be with someone who cares, that's the very least I owe them.

At the moment my parents are taking care of Bubba whilst I'm at work and cub goes to nursery as normal, its amazing that they do this for me and I'm extra lucky because I drop of cub at nursery and drive bubba and myself to work, my dad then comes and picks up my girl and takes her back to their house.  Two of those days my dad then drives back to work, we do it this way because I only work four hours a day and I'd spend most of it travelling otherwise.

I then collect cub from nursery and go to get Bubba from my parents house and our day continues as I try and fit in all the other things that need doing.

People see the summer holidays as an amazing time where as a mother you get to spend lazy days in your pj's doing absolutely nothing but crafting with your children. Reality doesn't match up and I feel eternally guilty that it's my choice to work (although we do need to pay the bills) and that they share my time with the mundane bits of life everyday during the week.

I don't even want to think what I'll do when next year my little boy is in preschool and my girl at big school and I have to juggle full days of caring for them. How on earth do other parents manage it?
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