10 Aug 2015

This Girl

With whispy blonde hair that explodes around her face. Curls that spring up when she gets hot and tangle together after another day of adventure. Never tidy and any attempt to tame it fails, with bunches that always get dragged out as soon as they are put in.

Those eyes that twinkle when she's being cheeky. Blue orbs with brown flecks that look up pleadingly at me when she wants something. They cloud over when she's sad and widen when she is amazed and they are the eyes I scan a room for, the only eyes I need to meet mine.

A smile that twitches at the corners and let's out a girlish giggle when something amuses her. Words tumble out randomly and constantly, testing her voice out on the world. Amazing us all with big words and complex thoughts that show her sensitivity and cleverness.

Hands that are small and delicate, that reach out for me and want to hold my hand. They fit perfectly into mine and fingers twitch with activity the whole time. They twirl strands of messy hair round and round. They clap with glee at something learnt or discovered, they wipe away tears when the world gets a little too much.

This Girl...amazes me every waking minute...even when she has a grump on...

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