13 Sept 2015

Bad Dreams and Night Wake Ups

I've been missing: missing posting on here, missing sleep and missing the days as they rush by us.

We are staring our second week of school squarely in the eyes and my girl seems to be taking it all in her stride. Well during waking hours she is but night time is a different story.

For the last couple of weeks (but it's probably more accurate to say the last month, makes me feel better pretending it's only a few weeks though) she has woken once or twice a night, every night.

Last night it was twice, at 11pm and was put back to bed, she was up again at 2.30am (hubby put her back and spent 30mins in her room) and she was back in to us at 5.45am, up and ready for her day.

She sites bad dreams as the culprits, some mornings she can recite the dream and others she isn't aware she woke. As a family we are exhausted now (not taking into account her little brothers nocturnal habits). I can't see an end to it and it makes me snappy and probably hard to live with too.

We don't let her watch anything alarming, we have a nice bedtime routine and a non threatening story. No daytime naps and we try and talk through issues as they arise but she still wakes. The worst bit is that she instantly gets out of bed, we try to tell her that if she waits a few minutes she may fall asleep again but she doesn't. She blindly stumbles into our room where one of us then helps her back to bed. She then often wants someone to sit with her until she falls asleep and invariably I also fall asleep on her floor, only to wake an hour later with a stiff neck and freezing cold toes!

She just has a vivid imagination and probably it's her way of processing the changes happening to her with school starting. I don't know how to help her and I guess it's just 'a phase' but oh it's a hard phase to deal with regularity.

I just need some sleep
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