22 Sept 2015

Mum Thoughts

What's the time, where did I put my watch (checks wrist, pocket, table, wrist again). Dear god we are going to be late again!

Why can't we ever get anywhere on time.

Now where did she put her shoes and jumper, I remember seeing her coat stuffed in the back of the car.

Have I got everything?

Why does he always do a poo as we head out.

Is it raining, why is it raining.

I'm so unfit, running in these shoes hurts.

Why does she dawdle now! Normal I have to shout for her to slow down.

Oh sh*t! Did I turn the hair straighteners off? Don't know why I bother anyway, this rain will make it frizzy.

How do the other mums look all put together, why do I turn up a sweaty mess!

Must get sausages out when I get back.

I need to hoover.

Seriously how many more rice cakes can he demand.

What shall I cook with their sausages tonight?

I'll do an online shop this week before everything runs out.

Must sort out our winter clothes and give their too small stuff to charity.

Is it time for a biscuit yet, yeah it's past 9am I'll have a coffee too.

I hope he naps today.

Why does he empty every toy over the floor and then walk away, doesn't even play with them.

Is the washing machine finished, did it just beep!

God it must be lunchtime by now, I'm starving. Oh it's 10 past 10...

After this next load of washing I'll make us lunch.

Please let him nap today.

I wonder what she'll eat for lunch at school. I'm not sure she eats much, is that normal?

Honestly I clear up and he just dumps it all back on the floor.

Why is he not eating now? He moans all morning for his lunch and then this.

Honestly don't know where he gets his short fuse from, certainly not me.

Are all these tantrums normal? I'll google it.

When did I become in charge of doing all the washing!

It's too quiet without my girl.

Was that a yawn, did he just rub his eyes?

I've been sat in this bloody bedroom for ages, might as well go back downstairs, he isn't going to bloody sleep...oh he's flaked out.

I hope Life on Marbs recorded last night.

Has he been asleep long, what time did we go up?

Oh he's awake now. That went quick.

Right what do I need to do before I collect her?

Sh*t! Is that the time, bloody hell we are going to be late.

I hate running.

She hasn't stopped whining for crisps, bet she ate nothing at school. Welcome home!!

Why do they wind each other up so much.

It's gone all quiet in there, must be up to trouble.

Is it bedtime yet? Oh ten past four.

Why won't they ever eat all their dinner. Well that's it, no more food!

Is it wine o'clock yet?

It must be bedtime.

What time is daddy getting in, bet he's late.

I hope they sleep tonight, I can't remember the last time they slept all night.

Must be wine o'clock

Why is bedtime so stressful

Seriously aren't they cute when they sleep.

Is it bedtime yet...

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