24 Sept 2015

Tell Me One Thing

"How was your day my love?"
"What did you eat?"
"Who did you play with?"

....."I can't remember mummy"

We have the same every day, sometimes she slips up and actually tells me something about her school day but it's very rare.

Daddy and nanny seem to be let into her brain and the wonderful world of her day. They get snippets of who she played with and what happened. I don't even bombard her with questions as soon as she leaves, we get home and over the course of the afternoon I try and make conversation. Hubby thinks she does it on purpose to have a bit of control as she knows it winds me up!

So I've started to ask "tell me one thing about your day" or "one thing you learnt today?"

It gets a better response, although finding out that Nancy has to keep running to the toilet did fill me with dread that we've got that bug on the way to us!
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