11 Sept 2015

The Best Motherhood Moments

The best memories of your little ones life come when you least expect it and it's often the tiny insignificant things you remember:

Sniffing your small child's head.. It never fails to calm and sooth us both.

Listening to them giggle.

Holding hands.

Watching them sleep - we all do it and ALL think 'what Angels' that's until they wake.

Opening your arms as they run into them for a cuddle.

The first "mummy"

Even better..."I love you mummy"

Reminiscing on the teeny tiny clothes but forgetting the time they got covered in baby mess.

Listening to their hopes, dreams and imaginations.

Curling up on your lap when they are tired.

Looking at tiny toes curl and wiggle when you tickle them.

Doing silly voices...bubba has a fab American accent and thinks she can speak Spanish too.

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