20 Sept 2015

When the Sickbug Strikes

As a parent you get to a certain point when you think "I've got this down" and you truly believe that you can handle anything, your schedule is in place and nothing will derail you.

Then they get ill...

And life as you know it gets jumbled up.

This sickness bug hit us unannounced, cub was being selective on what he ate all day (not hugely strange, in itself) then at bedtime he drank his milk and five minutes later released it all over me and himself. We went into blind panic and bubba was sent upstairs to get towels and baby wipes. 

It's not easy clearing up a pool of illness and trying to strip the clothes off covered in sick (all of them) whilst your son screams because he doesn't want to be put down. But we managed until daddy came home and he cuddled our little boy to sleep whilst I started my washing marathon.

By morning cub was himself again, smiling, eating and being cheeky - I put the sickness down to a milk overload...just one of those things. We had a lovely day together.

That night hubby was up all night being violently sick and spent the following day in bed - we put this down to food poisoning, just a coincidence but nothing more. I wasn't worried and told anyone who asked that it was two unrelated events.

Friday night at about 8.30pm I heard bubba whimpering in bed and as I got in the door, she was sick everywhere. We then spent the night washing everything in sight again as it seems kids shun sick bowls and prefer adults to be ill on! Well mine do anyway!!! She too was violently sick for a lot of the night and so we took it in shifts to sleep in her room.

Saturday morning she was up early and bouncing off the walls, she didn't eat (so I knew she wasn't right) but she was full of life. By now I was anxious...I hadn't been ill and probably would be. We had plans to go out Saturday night, a rare night out and this too got cancelled. I got a headache and didn't feel great and wasn't interested in food, felt queasy but wasn't actually sick.

The mountain of washing and drying clothes seems to have multiplied and our weekend is over in a blink of an eye and spent indoors. 

You realise you'd do anything for your children to be happy and healthy all the time. It hasn't been our finest weekend but we've survived...
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