8 Sept 2015

Why Starting School Wasn't That Bad...

I worried, I cried and I watched my baby girl sleep in the lead up to her starting in Reception at our local Primary School. I wondered how I would cope not knowing what she was doing and her having this whole new world open up to her that I wasn't a part of.

She was ready, more than ready really, she soaks up information like a sponge and she is always one of those children who will try to accommodate you and help if she can. Her best quality (it will be but doesn't feel like it at 5am when you are sleep deprived) is that she loves a bit of a chat, she would talk to a wall if the need arose and no one else was around. She can talk about anything and everything and happily tells people about dinosaurs, the new food she tried, in this case it was lettuce at school, she cannot remember what was with the lettuce apart from cucumber and that she had strawberry ice cream for dessert but she was mightily impressed with the fact she tried lettuce.

That right there is one of the reasons that starting school wasn't so bad, my girl who has dodged all sorts of lettuce in the past actually tried it, without me being there and seemingly voluntarily via the power of peer domination. Others were having lettuce so she thought why not, lets give it a go and I love her even more for it and for telling me so proudly. She tried something new and didn't need me to coax her.

We got up and got dressed, all fuss free on the first day, the school shoes fitted her (thank god!) and she happily walked to school. She went in and lined up with the others, turning only once when the teacher said wave goodbye to your mummy's and daddy's. She merrily waved and was gone, off to adventures new with her classmates.

The wreck I thought I'd become didn't happen, I had a small lump of pride mixed with anxiety rise up and then disappear and the overwhelming pride took over. I was happy because she was happy.

I clutched at hubby's hand as we walked out and I congratulated us both for getting this far, I dreamed of a good mannered little girl and that's exactly what I've got, she's brilliant, kind, funny and sensitive (and a little bit cheeky too) but seeing as we didn't have a clue what we were doing these last four and a half years, it's turned out rather well.

I'm still apprehensive that this bubble might burst as I watched other little people crying for their mummies on their first day (our second) but if it does then I'll be ready and there is bound to be some days she doesn't quite feel the need for school.

The very best bit of starting school and the moment I will savour for a very long time, is the homecoming. I was the last mother to get to school so she was waiting at the gate with the teachers on her own (having a good chat no less) but when she saw me, she flew into my arms and gave me the biggest hug ever. Bubbling over with things to tell me - lettuce was high on the agenda, she clung to me and kissed my cheeks like she really missed me and wanted to tell me everything. I'm all for school if it means we look forward to weekends together and appreciate each other that little bit more when school finishes for the day.

So if your anxious about first days at school, just relax and remember, it's all good and they may surprise you by trying something new.

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