5 Oct 2015

A mother knows...

It's important to find your favourite bear when you are ready to sleep (even if it means turning the house apart to find it).

When you cry about making sure I hold the balloon tightly enough so it doesn't fly away, I know it's not really about the balloon at all.

How you keep looking at me to reassure yourself when you get nervous.

That a certain smile and putting your hand over your mouth means you are lying to me.

When you run away but keeping looking over your shoulder laughing to me means you just want to be caught.

That sitting on me or as close as you can is a sign that you need me to take notice and make a fuss of you.

When you wipe your mucky nose on my sleeve that its done with love and you feel at your most comfortable with me.

When something crashes down (& you've been told not to touch it) you look to me for reassurance and the look in your eyes says 'oops sorry!'

There is nothing better than a mummy cuddle sometimes, no one else will do.

The first word from your lips in the middle of the night is always and will always be "mummy".

No-one knows exactly how you like your bread not touching your sauce but mum.

You don't have to explain what hurt when you fell over, you know you'll be scooped up and made a fuss of regardless.

There is nothing like the bond between a mother and her child, it cannot be explained, quantified or judged. I will always love you more than you know and forever I will be your biggest champion.

She would forgive her child regardless...

Being selfless is the least I can do from my babies, you want anything and I will at the very least, try to make it happen.

Her children are her biggest accomplishment ever and every day she counts her blessings because you made a half life become whole.

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