29 Oct 2015

Motherhood Moments

I'm having one of those periods of time where I seem to get nothing done but I'm doing everything. Time seems to be moving slowly, Groundhog Day style but I blink and it's already later than I realise.

Having two little people is tough at the moment, the day to day of juggling their needs is doing me in. I can't image how other people make it work with more kids, I used to want more but I think it'd send me over the edge slightly. 

It's especially worse or probably just more noticeable as they are both slightly under the weather. The crying and whining and not eating and being totally unpredictable is making me question what I'm doing wrong. One starts up and then it finishes, then the next takes over, it's a riot of sleepless nights and long days where all they seem to do is moan at me, on repeat.

I'm not really enjoying myself, barely getting through the day without me shouting, a child screaming at me or dissolving into a puddle of tears the minute my husband gets in the door.. 

It's not my finest motherhood moment and I can't seem to get myself out of this rut. I feel dispondent and slightly dislocated from life with a 'what's the point' attitude. I know this is another negative post but it's also real life because this is how motherhood looks to me right now. I hope it gets better and the tantrums (from both of them dissipate soon). 
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