21 Oct 2015

Our Favourite No Fuss Games

I love Pinterest, Facebook and good old Instagram but sometimes they make me feel like I'm loosing at motherhood.

There are all sorts of videos on brilliant games, things to make and places to go. Pictures of amazing art created by children and food that looks easy to craft but ultimately when I try it both kids look at me like I'm insane. Our sugar animals look more like what a real animal would produce from its bum! My great games with Pom poms and tubes and sorting buckets leave my boy either trying to inhale them or chucking them behind radiators. Do you know how hard it is to extract five blinking Pom poms from down the back...no neither did I but I do now!

Well rather than try to make anyone feel a failure, I'm going to share our new games with you. They are simple (but not in the Pinterest 'it takes five hours to prep then four minutes to do' way).

Ready...first game:

Start doing the washing up, put extra squirt of washing up liquid into the running water. Scoop those bubbles into a bowl and get your kids to paint the cupboards, the odd door or even the floor. Then when the bubbles have finished give them a tea towel to wipe it all up.

See so simple yet so effective.

Game two: let the kids take all the cushions off the sofa and jump around on them, roll off them and generally create havoc. I used to stop this behaviour but letting them do it and they way they giggle is worth the chaos.

Game three: Give them both a bowl of water and a whisk...then watch them pretend to be chefs or just pouring the water over their own trousers and laughing manically so you end up in just your nappy (mentioning no names!!)

They aren't the most stylish of games, taking pictures don't make you look like the best mother but it keeps them busy and I don't have to feel like a rubbish mum for not educating and providing things for them to do.
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