14 Oct 2015

What we are reading...

My kids love books, which I'm very happy about as reading is one of my passions. It warms my heart when they go quiet and I come into the room to find them both immersed in books or magazines or anything that has words on it. I don't even mind when cub gets his favourite book and looks at it upside down. The fact that he wants to have the book means we are winning.

So I thought I'd share our favourite books right now, as I'm an Usborne Independent Organiser it means I have access to lots of lovely books. But I'm being honest in saying that although both these books are Usborne isn't a fix, the boy had his favourite before I started work and bubba is dino mad at the moment so hers is subject related.

So here we go: 

Peep Inside dinosaurs...

A lovely pop up book with gorgeous pictures and information about some popular dinosaurs (& some lesser known ones). Here's what bubba had to say:

Me: why is this your favourite book?
Bubba: cos I like all those pop ups...did you know mummy that dinosaurs ruled the world before people arrived

Me: what's your favourite dinosaur?
Bubba: Parasorolophis had a crest and it made sounds with it.

Me: is that your favourite?
Bubba: [just a withering look]

Me: why do you think it's a good book?
Bubba: it's a good book because I like dinosaurs 

Me: did it teach you anything?
Bubba: I know all the dinosaurs but I didn't know the underwater one. I only know a few but now I know loads mummy.

So there you have it, a really comprehensive guide to 'Peep Inside dinosaur'

Cubs best book is:
Baby's very first touchy-feely 
Lift the flap - Play book

It's got such bright and cheery pictures and I thought he'd go to town on ripping off the flaps but he is surprisingly gentle. When I do a playgroup with my books and have my copy of this book, he runs off with it to read and I have to negotiate to get it back in a pristine condition.

He looks at it every night and still acts shocked at the big reveal under each flap. Love it.

So what's your best books?

For more information on Usborne, please visit: www.babblebooks.co.uk

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