30 Nov 2015

Things I'll never tell you...

Things you'll never realise...

I lay awake wondering if that last cough means you'll wake and need water, should I get you some to be sure.

When you told me you hated my 'silly wobbly belly' I cried, in secret. I then cried again when you admitted later that my belly was one thing you love the most about me.

I worry I can't always protect you. I know I can't.

I will never not miss you, regardless of how I say 'I wish I had some time on my own'. When you aren't there I think about you.

Going past your school in the car I wind down my window in case I get the chance to hear you...I also briefly thinking about stopping to catch a glimpse of you.

You've got all the best bits of me and a few of the worst and I'm sorry about that.

I look forward to dropping you off at school and I also can't wait to collect you.

I don't want you to ever leave home, go out without me or even think about university far away!

I push you because I know you can do more than you think.

I will always put you first, second and third. Always.

You've both made me into a better person.

When you climb I get nervous but have to let you fall and learn your own lessons.

If I could take away the pain when you are hurt or ill, I would...in an instant.

You frustrate and amaze me in equal measure.

I'm always there, always with you and always loving you.


25 Nov 2015

Baby sitting with Sitters

We've just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary which sort of feels like a big deal. It's gone so quickly and we are still having fun together and building our little family.

We don't really go in for traditional presents and all I ask is for a card. But this year I made him a cake and he bought me some special fudge (my favourite). The biggest treat for us was a night out together, we worked out that the last time we'd been out together was 4th July! We never got to go out and celebrate hubby's 40th birthday together.

My parents are fab and we've lined them up for a couple of events and birthdays in December but that's the extent of our sitting opportunities.

That's until I came across Sitters, a couple of weeks ago I'd seen them in FCebook and liked their page so when the opportunity arose to test them out, I jumped at it. I was super keen which is very unlike me as I've never left my children with a stranger.

It's free to sign up and you get shown potential babysitters in your area with reviews and you can pick your preferred sitter.

I had never heard about them but Sitters have been around for 45 years. Once registered there is nothing to pay until your first booking. You get 24hr account access and although they ask you to give them as much time as possible, they can and will try and match you with a sitter at very short notice.

As soon as I registered I got a phone call from the main office to see if I had any questions. It was all very efficient and once we'd decides on a date and time you receive an email confirmation. They try and match you with your preferred  sitter (we got our first choice).

By Sunday I was particularly nervous wondering if the kids would wake and see a stranger. Bubba was excited and was planning ways to wake up to have a chat with the nice lady!

About two hours before arrival, our sitter called and we had a chat. I instantly calmed down as she sounded lovely. The kids were both asleep when she arrived and after another chat we left her to it. She said she'd text half way through the evening to let me know how the children were doing.  She did and they were both sleeping. Phew!

After she left, an automated message asked us to leave feedback. Which I did straight away as we'd had a very good service. Our lady was lovely and the office were efficient and quick, there was nothing I could fault.

There is a registration fee and you also pay the sitter which can make it pricey but we've decided to use the service at least once a month for date night and then for anything else that crops up.

I would truly recommend this website and service. If you have any questions I'm happy to chat about our experience in more detail...if you are the nervous sort like me!

I've also been lucky to get a promo code for my lovely readers: BLOGOFFER. 

(This code will give you a free booking credit. You need to add it at the end of the parent registration process).

You can find them here:


*We received a free babysitting session for the purpose of this review but we will be using this service again and I would recommend to everyone. It was brilliant 

20 Nov 2015

The Guilts...

As I cradled my son at 4.30am this morning and it was clear that he wasn't going to be put back in bed (he screamed if I even mentioned his bed). In the dark as I rocked us both back and forth my guilts started taking over.

I remember a time, vaguely, when my guilt levels hit at having too much wine on a night out or finishing a family size pizza all to myself...seriously who's family would be happy eating one pizza between four!!! One slice each...really?

Anyway, now my guilts hit daily and sometimes hourly and everything is included in the remit. They are often contradictory too, so here are my recent ones...what others do you have?

I felt guilty at...

going to work and not staying at home

Whether I was showing my kids enough love

Maybe I'm making my boy dependant on me...(honestly so contradicting of the point above...)

Not understanding what my customers really want

Wanting to succeed at work

Bring my children up in a world that's gone crazy

Not putting my kids in vests...

Eating that cupcake last night

Having not got any Christmas presents yet

Eating my daughters sweets and then making out they were lost...when they were in my belly!

I felt guilty that I feel guilty so often...


14 Nov 2015

Easy Meals - Chicken and Orzo bake

Its definitely getting colder out and my body is craving comfort food...all.day.long!

I'm a new convert to Orzo since making the wonderful roast chicken and orzo which was a Nigella recipe.

The other night I decided to create something new and threw everything into a pan (hence why there are no photos of the prep stages).

You'll need:

Chicken pieces (diced and browned)
1 onion (chopped)
1 courgette (sliced)
200g Orzo (feeds two people)
2 x tins chopped tomatoes 
1 mozzarella ball (diced)
Sliced tomato
Paprika (1tsp)
Chilli powder (1tsp or to taste)

Brown chicken and onions, add courgette and spices.

Cook orzo to packet instructions (8 mins)

Add tinned tomatoes to chicken pan and boil to reduce tomatoes.

Once cooked, add orzo to the tomato sauce. And hear through.

Put a layer of the mixture in an oven proof dish.  Then evenly add half the mozzarella and cover with another layer of orzo mix, dot around the rest of the cheese and add slices of tomato on to the top. Baked in the oven for 20 minutes...this is just to melt the cheese and brown the top.

Serve in a bowl with garlic bread on the side to mop up the excess sauce.


13 Nov 2015

Bedtime Stalling Tactis...part 1

"Mummy why does our blood go in veins"

"Sshh...we'll find out in the morning, now snuggle down"

"Mummy I can't sleep"

"You haven't even closed your eyes yet!"

"Mummy I want packed lunch tomorrow"

(...starts to wail and cry)

"Don't cry sweetie, it's bedtime, tomorrow we will sort out lunch"

(Tomorrow is a Saturday)

"Mummy I need a drink/wee/be tucked in...my feet are cold/hot...."

Delete as necessary

"Right I'm going outside now, see you in the morning"

Silence for a minute...bliss


"Sshh bedtime now!"



"Mummy I can't sleep"

Silence then rustling 

30 seconds later I peep through crack in the door...she is snoring.

Repeat every night for what feels like forever!


11 Nov 2015

The 10 Motherhood Moments

There are things that you know will just happen regardless of how you try to divert or avoid. 

1) When a child is ill, you know at least once they will be sick down your leg and into your shoe...Always

2) As soon as you move a toy into the charity pile, even though it hasn't been played with for months...years even. Your child will ask for that exact toy.

3) The moment your child states a preference for eating fish fingers (after days/weeks of not eating anything) and you buy them in bulk...your child WILL denounce them again.

4) If you are in a hurry to leave the house, this will be the exact moment the light of your life child will decide they need a big poo.

5) Even if it's the smallest stone in the playground...most children will manage to trip over it and land directly on it.

6) No matter how much you comb your child's hair, by the time she gets to school it'll look like she's been in a wind tunnel for 7hrs.

7) It won't be until you've shouted that your child will eventually take notice of you and act like its the first time you've spoken today!

8) At Christmas and on birthdays they will end up playing more with the empty box  or a random balloon than the overpriced plastic tat.

9) There will always be a sock or glove missing at all times.

10) When your head hits the pillow after a long and exhausting day...is the exact moment your child will start to cry.

There are many more examples and quite frankly I could carry on all night but I'll leave it at my top ten.

9 Nov 2015

Our Book of the Week

Well another week closer to Christmas, I can't believe what is happening as it seems to be almost here and I've not done anything about it yet.

I know the shops start Christmas earlier and earlier each year so it sort of drives everyone into a frenzy of buying. We are going to try and scale it down this year, hubby and I are going to give each other gifts to the value of £20 and the kids are getting one present and a book (obvs a book seeing as I now sell them).

I thought I'd share a couple of books that have been selling fast for me and customers seem to love.

First up - Fingerprint Activity Book - £9.99

This is a godsend, it's travel friendly and manages to keep children busy and I love it so much.

For little ones...these two books are going fast.

That's not my meerkat book and toy - £14.99

My little boy loves meerkats (I'm still unsure why as I think they are ok but he seems to be a bit obsessed with them).

This is gorgeous for Christmas and I'm hoping to put it away and use again next year.

Baby's very first noisy book Christmas- £9.99

It's lovely and simple and the noisy bit is cute rather than being aggressively noisy.

On to me...I always thought Young Adult fiction was about romance stories (I'm not sure why) and hard to relate to but some are fairly gritty and a few have warnings saying only for 15yrs and older. 

Well here's my favourite at the moment. I'm loving how the story unfolds.

Soul mates - £7.99

What's your favourite book?

If you want any more information on the ones here, please visit my website: www.Babblebooks.co.uk

Or leave me a message and I'll be happy to help x


5 Nov 2015

When it rains...it pours

When things are going well, you take them for granted but when the bad times hit you wish only for the ordinary.

My little boy has spent the last month with colds, general rattyness and finally this week...the dreaded hand, foot and mouth. It's been atrocious and he hasn't slept, eaten or functioned very well. My happy boy has been reduced to a very volatile little being. 

All he wanted to do was be attached to me but would cry and try and get off me, only to cry again whilst trying to get back on.

It was hard work trying to be his everything and not knowing how to help him the most. I became grumpy with bubba too and we would have shouting matches. My usual calm exterior became one of a weary, I can't deal with this, pained expression. Whatever was asked, I would start saying no and this has rubbed off on my girl. It's all she will say back to me and with a challenging look on her face. 

So on our way home from school in the rain when she tried to jump in a puddle and I grumbled and started to say 'no' I thought about it and instead decided to join in. We spent the rest of the walk home jump in puddles and her giggles were worth getting wet feet for.

We then continued to play in the garden in the rain. The kids loved it.

So did I, it made a nice change from shouting and saying no at every opportunity. It was a nice slice of ordinary to get us through the rougher days.
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