25 Nov 2015

Baby sitting with Sitters

We've just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary which sort of feels like a big deal. It's gone so quickly and we are still having fun together and building our little family.

We don't really go in for traditional presents and all I ask is for a card. But this year I made him a cake and he bought me some special fudge (my favourite). The biggest treat for us was a night out together, we worked out that the last time we'd been out together was 4th July! We never got to go out and celebrate hubby's 40th birthday together.

My parents are fab and we've lined them up for a couple of events and birthdays in December but that's the extent of our sitting opportunities.

That's until I came across Sitters, a couple of weeks ago I'd seen them in FCebook and liked their page so when the opportunity arose to test them out, I jumped at it. I was super keen which is very unlike me as I've never left my children with a stranger.

It's free to sign up and you get shown potential babysitters in your area with reviews and you can pick your preferred sitter.

I had never heard about them but Sitters have been around for 45 years. Once registered there is nothing to pay until your first booking. You get 24hr account access and although they ask you to give them as much time as possible, they can and will try and match you with a sitter at very short notice.

As soon as I registered I got a phone call from the main office to see if I had any questions. It was all very efficient and once we'd decides on a date and time you receive an email confirmation. They try and match you with your preferred  sitter (we got our first choice).

By Sunday I was particularly nervous wondering if the kids would wake and see a stranger. Bubba was excited and was planning ways to wake up to have a chat with the nice lady!

About two hours before arrival, our sitter called and we had a chat. I instantly calmed down as she sounded lovely. The kids were both asleep when she arrived and after another chat we left her to it. She said she'd text half way through the evening to let me know how the children were doing.  She did and they were both sleeping. Phew!

After she left, an automated message asked us to leave feedback. Which I did straight away as we'd had a very good service. Our lady was lovely and the office were efficient and quick, there was nothing I could fault.

There is a registration fee and you also pay the sitter which can make it pricey but we've decided to use the service at least once a month for date night and then for anything else that crops up.

I would truly recommend this website and service. If you have any questions I'm happy to chat about our experience in more detail...if you are the nervous sort like me!

I've also been lucky to get a promo code for my lovely readers: BLOGOFFER. 

(This code will give you a free booking credit. You need to add it at the end of the parent registration process).

You can find them here:


*We received a free babysitting session for the purpose of this review but we will be using this service again and I would recommend to everyone. It was brilliant 
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