13 Nov 2015

Bedtime Stalling Tactis...part 1

"Mummy why does our blood go in veins"

"Sshh...we'll find out in the morning, now snuggle down"

"Mummy I can't sleep"

"You haven't even closed your eyes yet!"

"Mummy I want packed lunch tomorrow"

(...starts to wail and cry)

"Don't cry sweetie, it's bedtime, tomorrow we will sort out lunch"

(Tomorrow is a Saturday)

"Mummy I need a drink/wee/be tucked in...my feet are cold/hot...."

Delete as necessary

"Right I'm going outside now, see you in the morning"

Silence for a minute...bliss


"Sshh bedtime now!"



"Mummy I can't sleep"

Silence then rustling 

30 seconds later I peep through crack in the door...she is snoring.

Repeat every night for what feels like forever!

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