11 Nov 2015

The 10 Motherhood Moments

There are things that you know will just happen regardless of how you try to divert or avoid. 

1) When a child is ill, you know at least once they will be sick down your leg and into your shoe...Always

2) As soon as you move a toy into the charity pile, even though it hasn't been played with for months...years even. Your child will ask for that exact toy.

3) The moment your child states a preference for eating fish fingers (after days/weeks of not eating anything) and you buy them in bulk...your child WILL denounce them again.

4) If you are in a hurry to leave the house, this will be the exact moment the light of your life child will decide they need a big poo.

5) Even if it's the smallest stone in the playground...most children will manage to trip over it and land directly on it.

6) No matter how much you comb your child's hair, by the time she gets to school it'll look like she's been in a wind tunnel for 7hrs.

7) It won't be until you've shouted that your child will eventually take notice of you and act like its the first time you've spoken today!

8) At Christmas and on birthdays they will end up playing more with the empty box  or a random balloon than the overpriced plastic tat.

9) There will always be a sock or glove missing at all times.

10) When your head hits the pillow after a long and exhausting day...is the exact moment your child will start to cry.

There are many more examples and quite frankly I could carry on all night but I'll leave it at my top ten.
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