30 Nov 2015

Things I'll never tell you...

Things you'll never realise...

I lay awake wondering if that last cough means you'll wake and need water, should I get you some to be sure.

When you told me you hated my 'silly wobbly belly' I cried, in secret. I then cried again when you admitted later that my belly was one thing you love the most about me.

I worry I can't always protect you. I know I can't.

I will never not miss you, regardless of how I say 'I wish I had some time on my own'. When you aren't there I think about you.

Going past your school in the car I wind down my window in case I get the chance to hear you...I also briefly thinking about stopping to catch a glimpse of you.

You've got all the best bits of me and a few of the worst and I'm sorry about that.

I look forward to dropping you off at school and I also can't wait to collect you.

I don't want you to ever leave home, go out without me or even think about university far away!

I push you because I know you can do more than you think.

I will always put you first, second and third. Always.

You've both made me into a better person.

When you climb I get nervous but have to let you fall and learn your own lessons.

If I could take away the pain when you are hurt or ill, I would...in an instant.

You frustrate and amaze me in equal measure.

I'm always there, always with you and always loving you.

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