5 Nov 2015

When it rains...it pours

When things are going well, you take them for granted but when the bad times hit you wish only for the ordinary.

My little boy has spent the last month with colds, general rattyness and finally this week...the dreaded hand, foot and mouth. It's been atrocious and he hasn't slept, eaten or functioned very well. My happy boy has been reduced to a very volatile little being. 

All he wanted to do was be attached to me but would cry and try and get off me, only to cry again whilst trying to get back on.

It was hard work trying to be his everything and not knowing how to help him the most. I became grumpy with bubba too and we would have shouting matches. My usual calm exterior became one of a weary, I can't deal with this, pained expression. Whatever was asked, I would start saying no and this has rubbed off on my girl. It's all she will say back to me and with a challenging look on her face. 

So on our way home from school in the rain when she tried to jump in a puddle and I grumbled and started to say 'no' I thought about it and instead decided to join in. We spent the rest of the walk home jump in puddles and her giggles were worth getting wet feet for.

We then continued to play in the garden in the rain. The kids loved it.

So did I, it made a nice change from shouting and saying no at every opportunity. It was a nice slice of ordinary to get us through the rougher days.
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