14 Dec 2015

Christmas - Our Style

So I've always had this romantic view of Christmas, snow and everything, an elegant tree with handmade decorations, a roaring fire and mulled wine (which I don't really like in real life!) and all rooms in our house decorated in a different style.

The reality is totally different with a toddler and exacting nearly five year old, our tree is over populated in some areas with a load of tatty decorations (I would go as far as to say gaudy at times but that's the four year old's eclectic style). The lower half of the tree is sparse to say the least as my boy tries his hardest to get at the decorations, he lunges and if lucky manages to pull off the lonely bauble and then proceeds to lob it across the room without a backwards glance.

My girl likes amassing all decorations from around the room into little clusters and playing families with them. So we have lots of groups that make no sense and are easy to tread on. I am forever moving things back to where they started off and then watch as the boy just swipes things of the top of every available surfaces.

Don't get me started on the tinsel....this was shredded between the children whilst they had an impromptu tug of war in a fit of giggles. I was the only one not giggling whilst picking it all up off the floor after they had moved on to terrorising another part of our house. No other rooms now have decorations as I'm finding it too stressful to maintain and return and tidy up after they whirlwind past.

Presents won't make it under our tree as they will be unwrapped as soon as I put them down. The advent calendar barely makes it throught the day as well. My toddler cannot grasp the idea you get one chocolae a day, so each day both advent calendars have to be hidden back in the cupboard until the next day when we go through the whole ruse once more.

Bubba trawls through the Argos catalogue like a forensic scientist, eager not to miss even the smallest of toys and ticks almost everything on every page. The day is punctuated by shouts of "I want that...and that...mummy I want that one in pink...I also want that" as she sees adverts on tv but yet when we sat down to write a letter to Father Christmas this week she couldn't think of one thing that she really wanted and said she would come back to writing it....it still sits lonely on the table waiting.

We will be still wrapping presents at midnight on Christmas eve and realise that we don't have enough wrapping paper...only to watch it all ripped off and littering the floor by 5.30am at the very latest.

Most of Christmas morning will be spent cooking and tag teaming the making of presents and separating the children as they each attempt to play with the others toys, eat chocolate directly from the wrapper and have meltdowns because it's all too overwhelming and they are tired from waking at 3am, 4am and 5am to see if father christmas has arrived.

There will be a general cry for crisps and chocolate at every turn as they race up and down the room from all the E numbers already consumed in the first 15 minutes of the day. But at the end of the day once they are tucked up in bed we will fondly look back at the day we've just had, ready to repeat it exactly the same next year.

Merry Christmas all xx
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