31 Dec 2015

Easy Drink - New Years Eve Skittles Vodka

For Christmas I like to make something for someone else (sorry for experimenting on you family) and this year we had a bottle of vodka that kept calling me into doing something with.

Perhaps not the most obvious of things but I went with Skittles Vodka as I thought it might be a nice drink for New Years Eve for my brother and sister in law...(and my brother and sister in law if I ever deliver it in time)!

So the most technical bit is dividing up the skittles and managing to not eat them before they make it into the bottles. After a bit of research I found out that the green (lime) and the purple (blackcurrant) aren't the best to add to vodka because of the taste or colour - so I promptly ate both lots of those. The most difficult bit about that was hiding it from the children as I didn't want to share (full of good cheer I am!).
The first batch of strawberry I started to dissolve the skittles in a small amount of vodka and it went a lovely shade of red immediately. It's a good idea to shake the bottle regularly so after a while I decanted the whole lot into my new bottles and gave it a gently swill every now and again.


The next bottle I just added the skittles directly to the bottle and then vodka on top, it's such a gratifying process to watch the colour drain out of them and then the skittles eventually disappear. It's best to leave this at least 24hrs and give it a gently shake to help them dissolve but then it's ready to drink.  I found my glass bottles in a local shop and I thought they made it look a little bit more special but equally a mason jar would work well or some other online resources even suggest using old water bottles to shake the mixtures before decanting.

A sweet little shot for a toast to a new year.


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