18 Dec 2015

I Believe....

So I may no longer believe in Father Christmas and my girl is getting very suspicious of the whole thing with questions such as "why does each father Christmas look different" "he can't go to all the houses" "the elf on the shelf isn't real, I can see his label...he is a toy!"

She wants to believe and still does but it will only take one or two other children to knock that faith and belief. I find it so sad, not that she could be a non believer...lets face it, as an adult we all know there is no possibility that he's real. But I'm sad because of the magic of belief and the fun you have when you go into it only thinking of the fun and the sparkle.

As I say, I don't believe in Father Christmas and I can't remember when or how I found out so I'm not particularly scarred by that little white lie but I miss believing. I guess it's the god equivalent for some people, it's the sense of belonging that we all cling onto when we live in such an unpredictable world.

So with out further ado I will let you into a little secret....I believe....In fairies. I always have and know I always will. Before you call in the men in white coats, hear me out, I know they can't be real and I'm a sensible young(ish) woman but I like believing, I love the magic of it all and the childlike feelings it provokes.

I think it all started when my mum used to bribe me to go to Brownies, I didn't hate going but didn't like leaving my mum so she used to put fairy dust in my purse and said if I got worried then sprinkle some fairy dust. It soon became a family joke and I owned quite a few pairs of fairy wings (I'm down to one pair now and Bubba has the rest).

The best bit is that when I used to feel sad, I'd pop my wings on and you can't feel sad with wings on, try it, you really can't.

So I hope my girl keeps her belief for a few more years and not because of the 'if you don't believe then you don't get presents' but more because it's lovely to keep that magic alive inside your brain, it's fab to wonder and dream and belong to something bigger than yourself.

“Do you believe in fairies?...If you believe, clap your hands!”
  J.M. Barrie

I believe....
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