19 Dec 2016

My Little Gold Star

Watching as the lights twinkle on the tree and the small gold sparkling star twirls around on its thin gold string, almost as if its got a life of its own.

Each of the five points catches a different light and throws it back out in a different way illuminating other parts of the tree you sometimes miss. It starts to slow in its spinning and dances with a dip and twist every other turn, the lights bouncing off the points now.

Gold stars remind us of Christmas and are all around, literally everywhere you look (bet you see loads now). My daughters class sang "follow that star" in her recent nativity at School, she often talks of the star of Bethlehem when she see's one.

But for me it represents a lot more - I often say to my little girl at bed time 'love you to the moon and back' and she replies 'mummy I love you to the stars and more'...we don't always do it but it represents our love and I find comfort in saying it and having her reply (which changes but always involves stars).

Another motivational saying also urges us to 'reach for the moon, if you miss you might land among the stars' and if my girl is good I'll tell her she's being a star!

Back to my spinning star, I can see our faces in the flat smooth surface on these  front, distorted but we are there, three of us, heads squished together because toddlers don't have spacial boundaries and if you can get as close to mummy as possible then you are winning at life.

Stars mean love, they are a symbol of love and in our house they are a positive thing. Cub knows what stars are and in the night sky he'll call planes stars too.  I can't wait for Christmas this year and to watch as my two little gold stars shine...


16 Dec 2016

Easy Meals - Cranberry Sauce

A great recipe for Christmas. This is still a favourite of ours and I will be making it again this year...

Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Now I know some people are already christmas'd out (or will be by the time Christmas actually gets here) but I had to bring this to you now as it tastes so nice.

I've never been a lover of sweet and savoury together. I can't stand ham and pineapple pizza and I leave the fruit out of my Tagine. As for cranberry sauce with a roast...err no thanks. So can you imagine my surprise when hubby returned to our table at ikea with meatballs in gravy with cranberry sauce and that I even swiped extra sauce off his plate! 

Strangely in our shop last week, hubby (do you think this is a conspiracy?) put a punnet of cranberries in our trolley. He hasn't tasted one before and said he thought I liked them (I like drinking vodka and cranberry juice)! Well they have sat in the fridge for a week now but tonight I thought I'd try a cranberry sauce to go with pork chops. The crazy thing is, it's the simplest and quickest sauce to make and tastes a million miles from the dodgy jar creations in the supermarket.

Best thing is that Bubba tried it and liked it. Granted its probably not the best thing to give her loads of, as its a lot of sugar. But it got her trying cranberries, a win in my book.

Cranberry sauce

150g cranberries
150g sugar
110ml water

Bring all the ingredients to the boil whilst stirring. Then let it simmer for 10 mins or until the berries are soft. The mixture will thicken. It can be served straight away, stored in the fridge for a few days or frozen (once cool).
Ready for the freezer

13 Dec 2016

Letting it go

I wanted to write tonight as we have a Super Moon and it's all about decluttering and letting go...so I'm purging my thoughts tonight. It's been a while since I've written and I've struggled a fair bit recently, life really has got in the way. So grab a brew and settle down whilst I ramble on....

We've suffered illnesses, drama and stress, sometimes all in one go and I've got that parenting Groundhog Day feeling. Every day it's awake, rush around, work, home, rush around and late to bed. I'm hoping a bit of a Christmas break will recharge all our batteries and then it's back to a different kind of reality in the new year.

Cub is going from nursery (where he has been since 9 months old) to preschool, I get my wish of taking both my babies to school every day - at the moment it's split between Hubby and I. This means changes at work too and I'll be working shorter days but more of the week.

Bubba it seems has decided that she wants to be a scientist,fossil finder or diver when she grows up. She has a real thirst for knowledge now, is very good at reading and spellings (she'd need to be seeing as mummy sells books!)

My mothers guilt has been strong and it's more of a juggling act than ever to keep things on an even kilter. I'm determined to bring back the love to this little slice of happiness which is my blog, regardless of who reads this, I have so many lovely memories invested in this blog and it's wonderful to look back for myself.

It's all a bit of a long winded ramble but I'll have some exciting news in January to share and hope to add more value.


25 Nov 2016

Five Things - Bubba should know about me

I love reading back old entries and this is an update with a deeper explanation of my reasons....

I found this lovely idea on Pinterest and it inspired me (although a lot of the ideas were for about 20 things she should know). I hope to do these every few months so that there is a good list of bite size 'things she should know' because I may not get a chance to impart my wisdom (or forget what's important at a particular time). So here goes...

What qualities I love most about her dad
It's mainly his ability to get on with anyone (much to my annoyance sometimes). Every one who comes away from meeting him says how nice he is. I'd love that to be me, how cool to leave that impression. Also his ability to be as silly as me and make me laugh. He also is often unflappable (apart from on our wedding day when he even checked his dads first name!) and he treats Bubba with love and respect. They make the greatest team.

A country/place that stole my heart
This for me will always be New York. I'm not really sure why but its the one place I yearn to go back to often. Somthing about the tall buildings, pace of life and smell of posibility in the air. I've been with my friends and keep nagging Hubby to go back with me at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. My newer love is Scotland because so many magical memories have been made there in the last few years, I really am looking forward to taking Bubba on the overnight train and to run wild in the countryside. Edinburgh is where my hubby proposed and we also had our honeymoon there, it's magical and I love it in the snow the most.

My biggest achievements...
Getting my degree in English literature whilst working full time. I passed up the opportunity of going to university (fell in love with a boy and didn't want to leave) and I wished I had gone somewhere new and met more people....the boy - well he dumped me for another girl a few years later so not worth the effort! I'd encourage bubba to study and spread her wings...travel, experience life where ever she could....even if it means I'll worry more and miss her too much.

Becoming a mum. Is undoubtedly an incredible thing that shouldn't be taken for granted, some people are lucky enough to experience it and some aren't. I'll never stop counting my blessings, however much I moan about not getting enough sleep these days

Things guaranteed to make me laugh
Her dad. Silliness, I love a bit of simple humour and wit. We often dance around the house or jump on the spot...music is amazing for altering your mood. I like that I can surprise people - bubba often looks at me like I'm a little bit mental. It's a good thing. Bubba is also someone who can make me laugh in any situation, as she gets older, she gets funnier. Slapstick comedy is funny and I don't like anything too complex or rude.

An important thing in my life
This would be words, words can take you to other places in books. Words spoken can make you fall in love or fall apart. Words are my magic, I'm interested how they are formed, how they are used and the power they have. It's also the words left unsaid or misunderstood that fascinate me. Books are the best, the smell, the feel of them in your hands, the joy of realising that you are venturing into someone else's brain an amazing made up world. Sometimes the most shocking is the words used in truth but these are always the ones that tell you the most about other people. I love reading this blog back and remembering because motherhood is exhausting, exhilarating and gone all too soon.


21 Nov 2016

Debbie & Andrew's - Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas

Sausage Heaven...

I could just start and finish this post with that one statement above, we love sausages in our house and cub more so than the rest of us put together, so when we got the chance to sample these new sausages it was an exciting day.

I was interested in trying these sausages as they have reduced fat and salt which is always something to look out for seeing as my boy would eat sausages all day long if he could. They promise to be made of the best British pork too which I'm pleased about and obviously I checked the syn value with slimming world for myself (3 syns per sausage if you are interested which is fab for real sausages). They are suitable for those who are sensitive to gluten, wheat & dairy products..which again is me, so I'm happy about that.

 They cooked really easily and quickly and for dinner I kept it quite simple as my two can be fussy with too many sauces and flavours all at once. Next time we try them it'll be on a play date and I'm going to make the suggested easy pasta for fussy eaters which I'll blog about too.

My two wolfed them down and Bubba actually asked for more which is really unusual for her because she grazes on smaller meals most of the time. I feel happy that the sausages aren't full of rubbish because it's a constant worry usually to make sure the children eat properly.

I nearly forgot to tell you that the packaging is really well thought out too with some activities for the little ones such as how to customise your wellies. Bubba is keen to try this soon so we will let you know how we get on,.

We were also sent these gorgeous little wellies to grow some herbs in so the kids were very excited to start them growing. So thank you debbie & andrew's, we really enjoyed the sausages and will definitely be getting some more.

We were sent a sample pack of sausages from debbie & andrew's to try and let them know what we thought.

19 Nov 2016

Snapfish - Christmas stocking filler ideas - Part One

Well I knew the first present I would get made from snapfish when I saw that they did personalised cushions. From the moment we got her guinea pigs she keeps going on how she wants to have them in her room and she wants to cuddle them. So I spent a few evenings trying to coax the shy guinea pigs into their next top model pose and I think the finished article looks great. I was so excited when I opened it that I forgot myself and immediately showed Bubba and then realised it was supposed to be for Christmas...so a mummy fail there but on a good note - she loved it and takes it to bed every night.

I was so impressed with how easy it was to make and the great quality of it, so much so that I've lined up to get a few more made for the grandparents. The reverese of the cushion is suede on the reverse and you could pick the colours and also could have had a caption put on or there were different picture frame options. I'm so pleased with the one I chose.

Next up I decided to make my two best friends presents - we don't normally get presents but seeing as this is our 40th year and we've been friends for 35 years...this year it's all about presents and appreciating our friendship.

So first up I made a mug for my tea drinking lovely bestie - I decided to use the same photos but in different ways. I chose a frame that allowed me to put all the photo's on.


I chose some wording to go on it and the colour and again I uploaded it all from my mobile which was perfect. I can't believe how easy it was to do and really pleased with the outcome, the quality is fabulous and it's the perfect stocking filler for her.


The ordering process was so easy and if I'm honest it felt too easy and I was a bit worried about what might turn up. Three days later the entire order of a pillow, mug, photo collage, 20 prints and other bits arrived in the post - all packaged well. I was really impressed with the service we received and would recommend snapfish to my friends - as I mentioned earlier, we are getting more presents sorted from their website as we speak.

Part two with some of my craft makes are up in a few days so please do look out for them.

we were kindly sent a voucher code to use on the snapfish website in exchange for our thoughts on their products and services.

18 Nov 2016

Fabulous Friday - Winter bugs and busy times

Well life gets a bit hectic when little ones are ill and both kids have had some sort of bug and neither of them handles it very well so it's been a very up and down week for us.

What I've learnt this week?

That I sometimes need to put my phone down and get involved, lately I've been sat working whilst the kids sit and play a game together. I forget to watch and take in what they are doing and appreciate them and also join in with them because lego can be fun and colouring is my all time favourite activity.

What we've achieved?

I managed to buy the kids Christmas presents, we met father christmas and I've now hidden the presents I got. No mean feat when I usually have at least one child with me at all times, so it was a genius idea to take a morning off work, go get my hair done and then go to a toy shop.

Who's rocking the world this week?

Every mumma who has to deal with dress up days at school, outfits for Children in Need and the like, it seems to be something new every week. A few weeks back I sent bubba to school dressed as Cleopatra for a school inspiration day.

Fabulous product of the week:

It's a simple one this week, a nice cup of tea. I've been off tea for ages as I couldn't stomach milk but I've suddenly found a love for it again and after a busy day doing an event its all I want now.

What I want to take into next week?

Wellness please, my two become little diva's when ill and it's been a long hard couple of weeks recently so I'm hoping a week where we all get on well.

Friday thought...

Enjoy the simple things in life

16 Nov 2016

Father Christmas - our visit

We stood in the queue and I looked wistfully at the little girl in front of us. She was clearly prepared for her visit, dressed in her finest clothes and little Victorian style swing coat (Christmas red obviously) and her neat ponytail swung and curled around her shoulders as she giggled whilst learning her elf handshake.

I looked at my two, slightly scruffy and I'm not sure Bubba's hair had even been brushed as I mentally retraced our morning. It had been slightly chaotic with lots of shouting from the kids, both were slightly boisterous and fractious which is never a good combination. I felt numb from a weeks worth of motherhood and long nights where Bubba refused to sleep in her own bed. Our trip to see Father Christmas was all last minute, hubby and I had been lured in by the magician outside and I was still unsure whether the kids deserved to be here.

As the girl skipped into Santa's grotto with her mum, my two tried perfecting their elf handshake and had an impromptu cuddle (more of a wrestlers move), I moved over and jostled them to the side as another wave of children came in. I wondered how I could get them to behave better, were they too spoilt, why couldn't I have dressed them better?

Then it was our turn and we were ushered in to a glittery, present filled chamber where there sat Father Christmas. He beckoned them both over and asked questions which my big girl answered dutifully and my little man held onto her coat tightly, slightly shell shocked at the whole experience (it being his first visit to the big man).

I whispered a reminder for thank you and pleases - Bubba is good but cub needs a little reminder. We left with them both clutching a present and we headed to the photography area. Again I saw the little girl, this time on screen and beaming out at me, a perfect smile with Father Christmas, the perfect Christmas photograph. I mentally chastised myself for keeping my kids coats on and not brushing hair and it not being 'perfect'.

Then I saw it, our photo and instantly promised I would leave all the negativity behind, my imperfect perfect kids. I realised that this photo was what our family is all about, not the perfect airbrushed image.  We are slightly scruffy around the edges, we have cheeky grins and messy faces, we have love, giggles, tantrums and tears.

But look....I'm lucky I've got these two little elves

31 Oct 2016

Being a Mindful Mumma - ways to control your mind

I'm very interested in learning and developing myself to become a better version of me, mixed with my perfectionist qualities it sometimes makes for a very anxious struggle between head and heart and one that I don't always win. If I don't do something to the best of my ability or I'm lacking in an area or my children miss out on something, I really give myself a hard time.

I thought it was a good time to give myself some reminders on how to live mindfully with the children and here are some of the things I will be doing:

1) Breathe

Like really breathe through things and let them go. I've recently learnt an easy breathing technique which I practice when I'm anxious or irritated by things outside of my power.

Relax, sitting down with my arms loose at my side...Breathe in for seven.....hold for seven....release for seven.

Keep repeating this until you feel calmer and if your mind drifts during it just keep bringing it back to the breathing. It's so relaxing and empowering.

2) Let myself off the hook

I'm being the best mother I can to my babies and I'm really doing as good as I can. I'm only human so need to let myself of the hook...so what if I forget ballet shoes sometimes or I can't think what to give the kids for dinner or I forget to do the washing. I'm doing the best I can and the kids are good kids and it's because I'm teaching them well. I'm doing good.

3) Sleep

I've been really bad at this one, I've burnt the candle at both ends and gone to bed really late only to be woken during the night or really early the next day. I'm running on empty and always berate myself for not going to bed earlier or relaxing more...goes back to the previous point too - let myself off the hook.

4) See

I see things every day but I'm getting good at ignoring things or not really seeing things, if we are at home I've usually got my phone nearby and if the kids are playing then I pick it up and work but I'm missing the looks between the two of them, the little voices they make up for the toys, the fun they have and the growing up they do. So I'm trying to actually see, put the phone down and listen..when we are out I'm trying to comment on things we don't normally really 'see' like the clouds or a bird in the tree or the leaves falling.

5) Relax

I used to have treatments regularly, my nails done and hair done but since having kids, launching my own business and running a home I sort of let this all go. So I've booked in to have a massage and will be getting my nails done too, I'm trying to relax more and hope that it has the ripple effect through out my life and will enable me to work on all the above points with more clarity and care.

28 Oct 2016

Fabulous Friday - Half Term Specials

 School holidays are upon us again and so far this week we've been to the circus, to the park and out for lunch. I look forward to these weeks but also dread them slightly.

 What I've learnt this week?

Not to be so anxious and sometimes and do the things that scare me with the children. I wouldn't have taken them to the circus as I wasn't sure if cub would sit still and if bubba would like the clowns. It went amazingly and cub sat spellbound throughout and bubba loved it all. I felt so proud of them both and it was nice to watch them enjoying something together for the first time.

What we've achieved?

A non meltdown week and improving our time keeping record, we have been really bad of late at getting where we need to be on time but that is getting better and I hope to improve further. It's always difficult when you are dealing with two children at different stages of development and needs - getting them out of the house can be a real battle of wills.

Who's rocking the world this week?

Jamie Oliver - he is an all round nice guy who is trying to save the nations eating problems and has also been on social media this week saying kids eat free in his restaurants this half term. He's a great role model on how healthy living should be done.

Fabulous product of the week:

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...it was hubbys birthday this week and his big love is chocolate so I got him a chocolate subscription as one of his presents. Each month he gets a bar of quality chocolate delivered through the post to him...the birthday present that just keeps on giving. He loved it and I did too because I got to sample the chocolate as well. Win win.

What I want to take into next week?

Mindfulness - being in the moment more and putting my phone down more too. I'm working on the balance between working and home life and trying to not miss things the kids are doing whilst looking through a lens at them. I'm stepping back to simply enjoy every moment.

Friday Thought:

You've got to be in it to win it

26 Oct 2016

Afternoon Tea - Berkley Hotel PRÊT-À-PORTEA

My two best friends and I have known each other since we were starting school aged 5 so we are well accustomed to our likes and dislikes. It probably comes as no surprise that we love champagne, cakes, fancy restaurants and cakes...lots of cakes.


So when we all turned 40 we decided we needed to go for afternoon tea...for each of our birthdays. We started last December with a Winter wonderland tea, had another in January (my birthday) and again in February for a Mad Hatters tea party at the Oxo tower ...for mine we went to the Berkeley Hotel and their Pret a Portea, it was a lovely experience but a few things were amiss and it wasn't as special as it could have been.

Step up super Nikki who had a word with the hotel and nicely mentioned the few discrepancies and how it was my 40th and we were hoping for the special occasion that had been promised. Much to our amazement they invited us back to experience the magic once again...on them. We were so grateful and excited to say the least and boy were we lucky and it was amazing, first time around it was good but I couldn't work out why people raved about it so much (we went whilst they were renovating and we were in the main restaurant) but second time around it was out of this world amazing. So early September we had another day out - three old friends who skipped out of our respective homes and happily waved goodbye crying toddlers and bemused husbands.

We were seated in their amazing conservatory which was oppulent with crushed velvet sofas and fine china and huge crystal lights that hung over the glass tables. Flowers were dotted around the room and then the food arrived. If you haven't been (unlike me the old pro), the cakes are all based around current fashion and the host will take you through what you are eating and how they relate to the fashion labels and items of clothing.

 They serve tea that accompanies the food and these arrive in huge teapots that took over the table, we incidentally were also treated to a bottle of champagne to start off too which was amazing.

 Each cake was exquisite and the attention to detail was fabulous, we got to try a bit of everything and we really enjoyed ourselves people watching whilst we were there.

We also took some cakes home with us afterwards and I cannot fault the service or attention to detail. Everything about the afternoon tea was magical and amazing and I cannot wait to go back again to sample it all again. I will be back

If its somewhere you would like to check out then visit: http://www.the-berkeley.co.uk/knightsbridge-restaurants-bars/fashion-afternoon-tea/the-royal-masterclass/

They get booked up well in advance and so booking early is well advised.


24 Oct 2016

Putting on our dancing shoes with the #FrubesMoves Challenge

Going into year 1 the world of after school clubs opened up to us and so I helped Bubba fully embrace trying different things. So far she has tried gymnastics (not overly keen) and ballet (a definite yes), she will often flounce around the living room and showing me and any one else who will watch her good toes and naughty toes.

Cub on the other hand at 2 1/2 years is still very self conscious and embarrassed about trying to dance. He gets all a bit bashful and giggly and will stop dancing the minute he realises someone is watching him.

So to help him feel at ease about moving we often have a kitchen disco and I encourage him to join in. It's really as simple as it sounds and we turn the lights down and the music up and dance like no one is watching us. We do our best dance moves and really get into the groove, the other day we played the Angry birds game on the Frubes website and we are definitely shake our tail feathers types so you can imagine what our dance moves are like.

It's great because we all giggle and enjoy ourselves and it helps the kids to get moving and really enjoy dancing. I love dancing around and don't need to be convinced to do it (and I'm usually a very shy person so it's totally out of character). I'm not the best dancer but I love it all the same. It also helps when we leave and go to parties as they are used to dancing together too, this is us at a Halloween party, as you can see, Bubba is all blurry and danced out!

When the dancing stops we often break for a little snack and I reach for Frubes, I personally love them as the squeezable tubes ensure that it goes directly in their mouths and not down their tops or all over the table. They also travel well and are great on the move and for school packed lunches, as they are packed with Vitamin D and calcium it helps kids build strong bones, which ups our dance moves tenfold too.

If you would like to try Frubes, they can be purchased from all leading supermarkets and at the moment to tie in with Angry Birds they are all themed on the packets (you can also enter a competition to go to the Bahamas on holiday). I also treated the kids to a movie afternoon and we watched Angry Birds film which was really nice, so if you aren't sure what to do this half term then I'd highly recommend it...oh and check out the website angrybirds.frubes.co.uk to check out the dance off between birds and pigs.

This post is an entry for BritMums' #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes

21 Oct 2016

Fabulous Friday - it's all a learning curve

Fabulous Friday

I had a little break last week but I'm back and very much looking forward to half term which starts next week. 

What I've learnt this week?

That things change when you least expect it, bubba had slowly been getting better at going into school and then this week it all went wrong. She had a spectacular meltdown at the gates and had to be pulled in by two teachers, I cried after she went in and then on and off for most of the morning. By picking up time she was fine and on top of the world and I was relieved to have her back after a day of worry.

What we've achieved?

It doesn't sound much but we have had a couple of nights where the kids have shared things really well and I haven't yelled at anyone or dissolved into a quivering mess by the time hubby got home. I've also heard them bonding better than ever - cub went up to bubba and gave her a cuddle, then said "I love you Beeba" and she replied "I love you too" they cuddled again and went about their business. It was wonderful and simple and one of the best conversations I have ever listened to.

Who's rocking the world this week?

My best friend is rocking the world this week, she's really pushing her business and herself to achieve. It's fab to watch and I am right behind her and know she'll get where she wants to be...and I'll be there cheering her on....well done Gilly Bean.

Fabulous product of the week:

This week for me it has to be my Kikki K planner, I adore it and keep stroking it and don't need an excuse to keep getting it out. I got it in the sale which makes it even more appealing but it is the start of an obsession for me and I will be back to buy another one.

What I want to take into next week?

Breathing and mindfulness...Its half term and I will need to be mindful and remember the kids are just kids and I should embrace the mess. I will embrace the chaos and make some memories.

Friday thought...

Think positive and positive things will happen.

17 Oct 2016

The Christmas List...

I love Christmas, I really do and I can't wait for the magic and tinsel and fairy lights but am I the only parent who dreads the impending Christmas list time?

I feel the pressure as early as September (if not before) with all the adverts on the tv and hear the shrill "Mummy I want that one!" shouted in my general direction and my standard response which is "well you'd better put it on your Christmas list then". Even cub has started getting involved and will go up to the tv or point to things in magazines or on those billboards near bus stops and tell me what colour and which character he wants the most. This is all without them cruising through the Argos catalogue and ticking every other item on every page!

My biggest problem at the moment with a 5yr old and 2yr old is finding out what they really want, as it changes daily. I don't want to buy early only for the novelty of a particular toy to wear off by the time Christmas day arrives and I get one of those 'why did she let father christmas get me this?!?'.

But if I leave it too late then I may not get the essential item from the hot right now list and that isn't even worth thinking about on Christmas morning. We try to only get them both one main present and a few silly bits so its even harder to work out what they want in the list of overprice plastic fantastic toys.

It's also a challenge since Bubba announced that she is a non believer...she even listed the reasons why the big man in red isn't really real.
  1. One man can't do all that work in the night - he'll get tired
  2. Reindeer's don't fly
  3. there are lost of father Christmas's and they all look different (this point has bothered her since she was little).
  4. Who gives him the money to buy all those toys for the whole world
  5. Elves don't make presents, I've seen them being sold in Sainsbury's
All this was whilst we were on a long car ride and at first I tried to talk her out of it and explain it was all magic but then I really got it. I asked if she still believed in the magic of Christmas (& she does), as long as she is happy with what she thinks and can go on believing in the magic of the season then who am I to try and convince her otherwise.

I just hope my boy doesn't keep trying to climb the Christmas tree because at that stage I reckon the Christmas list will be the last thing on my mind!

16 Oct 2016

Easy Meals - Rock Cakes...rock

 ***These are going to be on our list for next week cooking - we always do a bit of baking during school holidays***

Recently we tried out our new oven by making rock cakes...they didn't last long.

Rock cakes are great to make with children and something my mum introduced to us (& Bubba). It's a proper get stuck in and get messy mixture which is perfect for little hands and you can't really go wrong, you mix it all together and put your rocks on the baking tray.

Here is the recipe:

8oz Plain Flour
3oz unsalted butter (or margarine)
3oz Sugar
3oz currants or sultanas
1 egg
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice
4-5 teaspoons milk

Sift the flour, baking powder, salt and mixed spice into a bowl. Rub in the butter and then add sugar, raisins and the egg (whisked). Add the milk until it's a fairly stiff (but still gooey) consistency. 

Put your rock like mounds onto a greased baking tray (don't go too smooth as they need to look rocky). Bake for around 20 mins (gas mark 7).

This is how I enjoyed mine


12 Oct 2016

What the Heck! New Chicken Baubles

Last week as I sat feeling slightly down in the dumps in the supermarket car park I decided to have a quick Facebook look. Cub had just fallen asleep as I pulled into the space and I wanted to give him at least five minutes before I tried moving him.

I'm so pleased I did because I saw a post on Hecks page saying they had 30 of their new Christmas range to giveaway to the first people to email. So I got on it quick smart! I was a winner...

Three days later this amazing hamper arrived!

I was so pleased, we received some chicken baubles and some pork Ones as well as crackers, cheese, sauces and chocolates. I cannot wait to use these Heck balls at Christmas but for now we decided to try them in a few different ways. They definitely aren't just for Christmas!

So first up we had chicken baubles nestling on an aubergine boat. I cooked the Heck in the oven for 25 minutes and constructed it all afterwards. They are fairly fluid whilst raw but surprisingly ball like when cooked and they are delicately flavoured so very versatile.

We ate them with stuffed mushrooms and rice. The best bit is (seeing as I'm a slimming worlder) that they are 1.5 syns per bauble so they aren't breaking the bank.

They freeze well and so we used the last of them in a spaghetti  bolognese and again they didn't disappoint. They even had to compete with some smoked bacon lardons and they held their own.

Next we'll be trying the pork baubles so watch out as I'll try and incorporate them into some different meals.

So thank you Heck...we love them. 

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