4 Jan 2016

First Day Nerves - Starting School

I wrote this back when my baby was just about to start school and now, one term in and sending her back to school as an almost seasoned pro, I can't believe how quickly she has adapted and how my little girl is growing up.

"The blue PE bag is packed, the book bag is slumped in the corner by the front door and her uniform is hanging all pristine on the back of her door.

I checked Facebook earlier and had a 'on this day' pop up, it took me to a photo of my baby sitting up unaided for the first time at five months old. How can it be that she is now ready to go to school.

Tiny black shoes that haven't a crease on them sit next to a pair of white frilly sock. I have worries and misgivings about letting my little girl go. She'll have to choose her own lunches and I know she's not the most decisive of children and what if she doesn't end up eating anything.

It's strange, I know she's more than ready, can handle the situations and will do really well....it's just...letting her go is admitting that she's growing up."

The different now is that although the thought of letting her go back to school means I will miss her, I also know it's a great place for her to be and she loves school (once the bullying issues have subsided). Now at almost five, she can read quite a few words easily and also her writing is coming on brilliantly - for Christmas she wrote in each and every one of her class cards - her name and theirs. It's amazing how much she now knows and how much more she thinks she knows!

I for one, will be happily waving her off on the first day back at school and eagerly anticipating seeing her at home time and finding out what new and interesting things she has to say to me.
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