12 Jan 2016

Party Planning - The Party bag

We are getting closer and closer to Bubba's 5th birthday. She has lots of ideas on where to go and who with. I've started thinking about the particulars like invites. I've seen these great colour your own...

Traditionally after a party my daughter would be shouting and asking for her party bag. My tired and highly wound up on sugar and fun little girl couldn't wait to empty the contents on the way home.

She would fine some plastic instrument to torture me with whilst restling the piece of cake out of the napkin and kindly smearing it over the car seats in her excitement.

But party bags are getting a make over in our neck of the woods. Lots of mums are preferring to make their own (or buy in) sweetie cones. 

Following a thread on my local mums FB group, lots of people suggested balloons for each child, one mum even did themed balloons.

My lovely friend makes her own cupcakes to give to the departing children.

But even more mums suggested a book as a gift. This is the ultimate bring away gift because it lasts long after the party. You can add a bookmark or pack of sweets if you feel you need to have created something.

For these party bags I got an Usborne box set for £34.99

So it works out 88p per book plus a pack of sweets from a multipack from a pound shop. Not bad for something that'll last and be read again and again.

books and invites found at www.Babblebooks.co.uk

What do you do for party bags?
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