18 Jan 2016

Ten Things I've Learnt in Motherhood

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences and just when you think you have the measure of it, it changes yet again. So I've learnt a lot of things as my babies grow up but these are the pressing ones at the moment...

1) Just when you think someone swapped your child for the demon.... they go and absolve themselves by saying something cute at the precise moment you are ready to chuck in the towel "I love you mummy" goes a long way

2) Every day is a new day - this sounds pretty obvious but it's remembering not to take any stress from the previous day into the next one. Or in our instance at the moment, a really bad nights sleep can't impend on how the next day transpires.

3) Even on the worst day, I'd still have more kids. Seriously when they've been little rotters all day and I'm at the end of my tether...I would still have another baby and do it all over again.

4) Every child looks angelic in their sleep and I will stare at my two in wonderment at the loveliness I created. Then I panic as they stir and think sh*t now I'm going to have to commando roll out of the room, hitting the creakiest floor board in the world.

5)When your baby starts growing up (& you know it's the last one for you) you really mourn the loss. Giving away baby clothes and weaning books takes on a whole different slant, before you'd tuck it away in the loft to be dusted off and used again. Now it's just a reminder of a past.

6) Reading a story at bedtime is my favourite part of the day, it's lovely to relax and its easy to enjoy the moment. I enjoy acting out the characters and it's no surprise that I get the most requests to read above and beyond the husband.

7) When the children are bad...they belong to my husband and the conversation goes "You'll never guess what YOUR child did today". When they have done something outstanding, I take all the credit and feel immensely proud of myself...I mean them!

8) Fake it until you make it - I don't know a lot of things but the good thing is that my two small people don't know that I'm winging it. They think I'm super mum and I won't be setting them straight any time soon - requests of 'make the sea out of this paper mummy' or 'can we drive to the moon?' are met with a resounding yes I can.

9) It's the easiest and hardest gig I've ever had and that can be true of minute to minute let alone hour to hour or day to day. No two days are the same

10) I revel in the mundane - it's the little things that you remember, the silly faces and giggles at dinner, the running around in the garden fun, the fight to get on and stay on mummy's lap first for cuddles.
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