20 Jan 2016

This is forty...

You know when you were young and if an older person (who to you, seemed to be middle aged but probably still feeling in their prime) couldn't remember their age, you'd have been aghast!

Seriously who doesn't know how old they are?

It's easy when you are under 21 to remember how many birthdays you've had but between 35-60 it all gets a bit hazy and they blend into one. It doesn't mean they are any less exciting but life just helps smudge the edges for you.

Well for me, this is Fourty!

I don't feel like a grown up yet, although I have a husband, two children, a part time job and I'm an entrepreneur. I juggle life on a weekly basic, question my heel height before buying new shoes and never go out of an evening without a coat (unless it's summer and even then I'll take a light cardy in case it gets breezy).

My family means everything to me and I truly don't think I could continue without them. I appreciate my close friends more and more as the years pass as the wheat separates from the chaff.

I'm proud to have grown up with two lovely ladies who know me as I know them. Inside out and back to front...then spinning around again. We have been through the best, the worst and somewhere in between.

Time is bitter sweet and I understand my parents more and the youth of today less. I raise an eyebrow towards the girls in tiny shorts and boys who are too sure of themselves. I appreciate a good cup of tea and the simplest pursuits now, home is definitely where the heart is.

Wild days live in my memory and make good stories with my friends to reminisce over. Practicalities and less spontaneity is what I'm about, I love dreaming but now I'm a realist.

Every now and again, I'll put those sky high heels on, dance like no one is watching and be that girl with big dreams, no responsibility and a smile in her eyes but I'll still come home to my loves.

I still have big dreams but they've evolved. I still dance like nobody's watching (but it's in the kitchen with the kids whilst chanting "follow the leader, leader, leader; follow the leader" and we are all giggling). You know, I never want to be the girl without responsibility because sitting at my birthday celebration dinner, I looked at my husband who has evolved and grown on this journey with me and I felt so lucky and grateful to be sharing this life and raising our children together.

Naughty Forty...I know you are going to rock. I'm ready for ya and excited to be on this voyage...Bring it On.

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