25 Jan 2016

....Why? ......

I used to moan about the 'why?' after every conversation but now I have an almost 5 year old it's really grating. I mean it's fab that she is inquisitive and asks lots of questions but the ones that get to me are:

Me: "Please don't stand on that moving toy car"

Bubba: "but I like it"

Me: "No, please get off, it will topple over and you'll hurt yourself"

Bubba: "why?"

Me: "because it'll move and you'll fall off"

Bubba: "Why?"

Me: "why will you fall off or why will you hurt yourself?"

Bubba: "why?"

Me: "just trust me, I've asked you a couple of times so please get off!"

Bubba: "why?"

*at this point I raise my voice and off she gets

The most annoying bit is when I really haven't got a clue why or I want to stop the 'why' so I just use the universal mum code...

"Because I said so..."

The funniest 'why' was at 4am when bubba turned up in our bed and needed to know

"How do worms poo?"

Me: "well like us, our their bum"

Bubba: "why haven't I seen it!"

And sleep...

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