22 Feb 2016

A Shy Girl Plea

As a child I was very shy, people would ask "cat got your tongue?" Or would try and push me into a situation, I had trouble even at Christmas as my equally shy cousin and I would skirt around wanting to play but not quite wanting to push ourselves with the unfamiliar.

As an adult I still find done situations excruciatingly painful and try to avoid at all costs. Most days now I really push my comfort zone as a direct seller and I find it hard. Nothing about interaction with other people is easy for me.

At a kids party yesterday, watching lots of youngsters unsure of themselves, sitting on mums or crying, my heart went out to them.

You could see some of the mums clearly didn't understand how hard it is for some. One lady after trying to send her daughter off several times with no avail then pushed her off her lap saying "get off you are annoying me now" her daughter looked bewildered and just stood their quietly sobbing. Others tried to coax and their efforts were unsuccessful too.

My girl has developed a certain self assured manor that I never had, just like her dad she will throw herself into a situation. She was quieter when she was little and would sit on my lap throughout a party. I never pushed and 'made' her do things because I knew how awful that felt.

So this is a plea from a girl who tries to hide her shyness and often gets misunderstood as aloof. Please, don't force your child, especially at a party...some people just don't like that sort of thing. By making them join in, they won't enjoy it and they won't be the extrovert you want them to be. It will make them feel more awkward being the only child accompanied by a parent when everyone else is surrounded by friends. Celebrate the child you have, enjoy the cuddle and you don't know, you might find they feel secure enough to tentatively mingle of their own accord.
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