8 Feb 2016

Party Theme Ideas - The Birthday

Bubba got invited to a fairy themed birthday party and due to my lack of organisation we missed the party but we still got given a party bag at the school gates which was just lovely.

Anyway in this bag was fairy themed bits and pieces which I thought was a nice touch, we received a small wand, some fairy inspired tattoo's and a kit to make our own fairy wand at home. This last bit was simply genius as it allowed me to put Cub to bed alone (something we've been struggling with lately) whilst bubba concentrated on decorating her wand.

We are now in the midst of our own party planning and as my girl has no favourite tv programme or character or theme, it's all proving to be a bit troublesome. She's flip flopped between a fairy party, a caterpillar party (whatever that involves) and a pamper party. It doesn't help that I've gone ahead and booked a soft play venue - as previously that's what she wanted to do.

This is her first party as host which doesn't help because it means she has lots of ideas and can't quite decide. I'm full of excitement and a bit nervous because it'll be my first in charge party. There's lots to remember and plan and some bits need forward planning. Cakes are one of those things and if you want an amazing cake you need to book it in as early as possible.

This is an amazing cake - courtesy of Kellys Cake Artistry is wonderful for a fairy tale theme.

Now I just need to convince my girl that she needs to be decisive and pick a theme.
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