25 Feb 2016

World Book Day 2016

I've heard of World book day (WBD) and often scrabbled around trying to create an outfit for Bubba in time for preschool or nursery based around her favourite book (loosely I might add). But I didn't really get what it was all about, didn't think about it or realise its importance.

Now obviously running a book business and having a nearly 5 year old I now really get it. One of the reasons I didn't know it was important was because I just thought every family had access to books and loved reading as much as we do. 

After attending events over the last year, I realise this isn't the case. Some families don't give reading much thought or importance, choosing to spend money on other pursuits. That's great for them and I totally get it but this is where WBD is important because it encourages those non readers to pick up a book.

WBD is a charity venture from UNESCO and it's now in its 19th year. All primary school age children receive a token (preschools and secondary schools need to apply for tokens). These tokens can be taken to a bookseller and the child can pick from a selection a book in exchange. Or they can use their token towards any book (over £2.99) and get £1 off.

This celebration of reading is subsidised by publishers and book related charities to encourage children to develop a love of reading and to own a book of their own. The literacy trust have done lots of studies around the importance of encouragement at home to read together. 

Bubba doesn't have a favourite book, she hovers them all up in equal measure. We read a book every night at bedtime and just after starting school she went through a stage of not wanting a book at bedtime and I realised how much I enjoyed it and missed it. Thankfully she got over it pretty quickly and she's back to choosing a different story each night.

Tokens can be redeemed between 29th February and 27th March 2016. I'd encourage everyone to use their tokens as books open up new worlds, give your imagination a run for its money and allows you as a parent to give your child a great start in life.

Local booksellers are all involved and I'm no exception. Head over to www.Babblebooks.co.uk and contact me for more information. 
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