28 Mar 2016

Easy Meals: Frozen Chocolate Bananas

A blast from last year, we will be making them again this week.

We love chocolate in our house (well hubby and Bubba more than me...savoury is more my thing) and we love banana's so when I saw a recipe that combined the two, I thought it would be a great thing to get Bubba involved with.

First I froze some bananas (ours stayed in the freezer overnight but you only need about three hours if you just can't wait).

Next I crumbled up some bunnies and melted their chocolate (I know...cruel eh!). My picture shows white chocolate but I'm saving that now for some rice crispy mice instead so I used some of the Easter Egg stash.

Bubba then dipped the banana's in the cooled chocolate, added sprinkles and more choc swirls - this bit you need to be slightly quick about because the chocolate freezes fast

Then we popped them back in the freezer for ten minutes.

I then ate two straight off, part of Bubba's left over one (once she realised it was banana and not ice cream).

Honestly I couldn't leave them alone and they were so easy to make. I'm definitely making more this weekend.


24 Mar 2016

Going the wrong way

My boy is an adventurous little thing, he will climb on absolutely everything! He shows no fear, no recognition of boundaries and is generally oblivious.

Bubba would jump, climb and get stuck in but she showed a bit more savvy. For instance, she would make sure a cushion is on the floor before she jumps. Cub will daringly just step off regardless and when he falls flat on the hard floor, he will lay still deciding if it hurt or not. He will then manically laugh (if it didn't hurt) or cry if it did.

Along with this devil may care attitude comes the ability to run and run he does. Away from me. EVERY SINGLE DAY! He runs and then has the smallest of turns of the head just to check I'm there before he lets out a giggle and goes further and faster and freerer. It's a joy sometimes to watch if we are somewhere safe where the exhilaration of it overtakes us both. But it's annoying and scary as hell if we are anywhere near a road, in a supermarket or in a car park. I literally have to drip everything and run after him, it's also chilling to the bone if I have Bubba with me, choosing which child is safer alone and often shouting at her to stay put and trusting that she will, raises my blood pressure to the max.

He shuns the buggy now, I used to eye roll women who would say 'oh my toddler won't go in the buggy anymore' I'd think they were being weak or couldn't control their child. Now I know, yes I can get him in the buggy (just about as he's so strong) but it's difficult and makes me want to pull my hair out the whole time. So the walk to school and home every day is a challenge with him, if I let him walk...he runs or becomes like a plank and will not move.

So we got him a trike, it worked and then the trike broke and I was back in the wilderness. So we got a new trike and I feel like a new woman. He thinks he's cycling and I get to guide him.

I don't want to curb his wanderlust but I need to keep him safe. Reins don't work, if you put them near him he will collapse on the floor screaming. I'm hoping his desire to run becomes less prevalent as he grows up or should I say it becomes more focused. It's my go to assumption...it's a phase, it will pass.

I do hope so because we keep ending up being late everywhere because I have to try and convince him he's going the wrong way!  

21 Mar 2016

Easter Alert...

I'm going to start by saying how much I love chocolate and Easter and Easter eggs but this year I'm not buying any.

I know...madness!

But our kids get so much chocolate (which is ace) but it ends up getting wasted or worse, I Hoover it up like a crazed mad woman. It talks to me from cupboards all over and I just don't need that. After turning naughty forty in January I've wanted to clean up my act on the food front.

So this year we are getting our littles some Easter activity bits and clothes. I started to put together a basket of bits (ignore my book in the front).

Then they'll both get a box with a sticker book and an activity set. A new t-shirt and some cooking bits as we all love a bit of baking now. Bubba has got a chick that lets out sweets from its behind (as that's right up her street) and some Lego. Cub will get a fluffy chick as he's a big softy still and loves all that.

We'll still partake in chocolate received and in all honesty the kids won't notice we haven't got them any. I'll also pop up our banana pop recipe from last year as we will be making them again this year.

9 Mar 2016

I Remember...

Wondering if you'd ever arrive (after four days of early labour).

Thinking it was unfair that my husband could sleep whilst I painted my way through contractions on our bedroom floor.

Feeling scared and lonely and only wanting my mum.

Knowing that I could do this, after crying that I couldn't take the pain any more.

Being so proud of myself that I got through labour on only gas and air.

The euphoria as they placed you on my chest.

Feeling overwhelmed with emotion and love for someone I had created.

When you were so tiny and I thought I might break you.

Watching everything you did with wonderment.

The first smile you gave me, the first laugh saved for me.

Thinking the sleepless nights would never end.

Wanting to savour every moment as time seemed to speed up.

Crying my eyes out the first day I left you to go to work.

Loving that you would eat anything and everything.

Seeing you start to walk, talk and be cheeky.

Feeling helpless when you were unwell.

Noticing as you became picky with food.

Standing by as you hated me leaving you at nursery.

Hoping we'd always have a unique bond.

Laughing at your quirky personality and funny ways.

Understanding you'd have a lovely bond with your baby brother.

Waiting as that bond developed.

Seeing as the squabbles began.

Knowing that you've got each other's back.

Learning as you showed us how caring and fun you can be.

I thought you might never grow up but I'm delighted to see how you are.

How much I love you every day.

Happy 5th birthday my little Bubba xx


3 Mar 2016

Five Things - She's Taught Me

My girl is five next week, I can hardly believe it and I'm a bit emotional about it too. Five seems so grown up!

So in honour of this momentous birthday I thought I'd share five things she's taught me along the way.

She taught me...

How to Love

It's such a cliche I know but until you've given birth I really don't think you get it. I thought I loved before, you know...my husband and all that. But she was the first person I would give my right arm to be ok and my boy is the second. I love them because they are part of me and I love them fiercely. Ps..hubs I love you more than chips but I wouldn't necessarily share my chips with you (well I'd let you have one!) but the kids...every single chip would be theirs!

What Frustation is

Seriously the levels of patience needed to raise children are immense! They test your endurance levels and I can be found in the kitchen hiding with my teeth clenched together muttering under my breath. So frustrating and I'm told the teenage years will really teach me...oh joy!

How Awesome my Mum is

I love my mum, can't go a day without talking to her anyway. Having kids, especially a girl, has given me a new level of appreciation for my mum. She is my inspiration and general mentor. To us she made parenting look easy (which I know it isnt) I remember her as non shouty and fun whilst I was growing up...something I strive for but find myself falling short of and being shouty mum a lot more than I'd like recently.

How fun learning is

She is like a sponge and tells me all these wonderful facts about all sorts of nonsense. We play pretend school and she's always correcting me on manners to dinosaur names. I love it that she's recently discovered that paper is made from wood...the way she tells me, all wide eyed!

How to carry on

Not wanting to sound melodramatic but she gives me a reason to jump (or shuffle) out of bed each morning. Sometimes because she's incessantly talking or waking me at silly o'clock. More often because I want to make her proud, teach her how wonderful life can be and to carry on my legacy...cos you know, it's all about me!


1 Mar 2016

Homemade Book Marks

When we were looking for a happy half term activity (so something that kept the kids busy yet was non messy and didn't leave me needing a dark room!)

So we went for (what I thought was) a calming activity. I didn't bank on the fact that they would squabble over bookmarks, pens, laminating...the lot. But for those precious few minutes where my daughter had fun colouring in and my boy enjoyed running of with the next pen she needed...it was bliss.

It's great because Bubba especially, got to do the whole process and now has a lovely bookmark to add to her collection of 'things' (we are working up to actually using it as a bookmark, it's still carried around in her trunk of junk at the moment).

I even designed some adult ones for me (aka ones I wouldn't let the kids use) but there are loads of different ones you can print off for free. Laminating afterwards is easy peasy too, we got a cheap laminator and Bubba can even help. These would make a great craft activity for the holidays or birthday parties.
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