21 Mar 2016

Easter Alert...

I'm going to start by saying how much I love chocolate and Easter and Easter eggs but this year I'm not buying any.

I know...madness!

But our kids get so much chocolate (which is ace) but it ends up getting wasted or worse, I Hoover it up like a crazed mad woman. It talks to me from cupboards all over and I just don't need that. After turning naughty forty in January I've wanted to clean up my act on the food front.

So this year we are getting our littles some Easter activity bits and clothes. I started to put together a basket of bits (ignore my book in the front).

Then they'll both get a box with a sticker book and an activity set. A new t-shirt and some cooking bits as we all love a bit of baking now. Bubba has got a chick that lets out sweets from its behind (as that's right up her street) and some Lego. Cub will get a fluffy chick as he's a big softy still and loves all that.

We'll still partake in chocolate received and in all honesty the kids won't notice we haven't got them any. I'll also pop up our banana pop recipe from last year as we will be making them again this year.
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