3 Mar 2016

Five Things - She's Taught Me

My girl is five next week, I can hardly believe it and I'm a bit emotional about it too. Five seems so grown up!

So in honour of this momentous birthday I thought I'd share five things she's taught me along the way.

She taught me...

How to Love

It's such a cliche I know but until you've given birth I really don't think you get it. I thought I loved before, you know...my husband and all that. But she was the first person I would give my right arm to be ok and my boy is the second. I love them because they are part of me and I love them fiercely. Ps..hubs I love you more than chips but I wouldn't necessarily share my chips with you (well I'd let you have one!) but the kids...every single chip would be theirs!

What Frustation is

Seriously the levels of patience needed to raise children are immense! They test your endurance levels and I can be found in the kitchen hiding with my teeth clenched together muttering under my breath. So frustrating and I'm told the teenage years will really teach me...oh joy!

How Awesome my Mum is

I love my mum, can't go a day without talking to her anyway. Having kids, especially a girl, has given me a new level of appreciation for my mum. She is my inspiration and general mentor. To us she made parenting look easy (which I know it isnt) I remember her as non shouty and fun whilst I was growing up...something I strive for but find myself falling short of and being shouty mum a lot more than I'd like recently.

How fun learning is

She is like a sponge and tells me all these wonderful facts about all sorts of nonsense. We play pretend school and she's always correcting me on manners to dinosaur names. I love it that she's recently discovered that paper is made from wood...the way she tells me, all wide eyed!

How to carry on

Not wanting to sound melodramatic but she gives me a reason to jump (or shuffle) out of bed each morning. Sometimes because she's incessantly talking or waking me at silly o'clock. More often because I want to make her proud, teach her how wonderful life can be and to carry on my legacy...cos you know, it's all about me!

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