1 Mar 2016

Homemade Book Marks

When we were looking for a happy half term activity (so something that kept the kids busy yet was non messy and didn't leave me needing a dark room!)

So we went for (what I thought was) a calming activity. I didn't bank on the fact that they would squabble over bookmarks, pens, laminating...the lot. But for those precious few minutes where my daughter had fun colouring in and my boy enjoyed running of with the next pen she needed...it was bliss.

It's great because Bubba especially, got to do the whole process and now has a lovely bookmark to add to her collection of 'things' (we are working up to actually using it as a bookmark, it's still carried around in her trunk of junk at the moment).

I even designed some adult ones for me (aka ones I wouldn't let the kids use) but there are loads of different ones you can print off for free. Laminating afterwards is easy peasy too, we got a cheap laminator and Bubba can even help. These would make a great craft activity for the holidays or birthday parties.
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